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Pacing: Discover What Is Important and What Is Not

I remember a time where I was exploring pacing, by only doing one activity at a time, and doing it slowly.

This was an interesting experience, as I noticed that my nervous system started to calm down as I was moving from my so often ‘achiever’ mode to a more relaxed state of being, where I felt generally more compassionate and gentle. However, there is definitely more to pacing.

Pacing, allows you to be more in tune with our system. We all have a window of tolerance, a certain capacity of doing and interacting, within which we can feel and remain relatively ok. However, the moment you cross it’s boundaries, you can start to notice more physical symptoms, more emotional distress, and a drop in your energy levels. Pacing allows you to pick up these very first signals from the body, like tension, superficial breathing or brain fog, and to act on them by pausing or changing activity.

Pacing also helps you to differentiate between what is important and what is not.

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed, but this overwhelm happens when you feel out of control, when you are running behind and are trying to keep up.

Pacing can move you to the opposite direction. Slowing down gives you the mental space to clarify what YOU want and need. From this place of clarity you can start to align yourself with your most important values, like putting your health on the first place. From this position it is much easier to say ‘no’ to others or to turn your schedule around.

So pacing allows you to be more aligned with yourself. It helps you to pick up the signals from your window of tolerance and to act on them, which is ultimately really an act of self-love.

Lots of Love, Ashok

Paulien Elzinga Gupta Program Coach

Paulien Elzinga

As a kid, I contracted a tick bite in primary school and two years later EBV. The following years my energy would slip away. The chronic fatigue, which was only one of my many symptoms, had an immense influence on my transition from childhood to adulthood and raised many questions about health and life. It would take me over a decade when finally my health started to improve and many different efforts would keep me going in the right direction for the years to come.

I have always sought answers about my health. Healing was needed in many different areas like my gut, toxic inner and outer environment, viruses that were having free reign in my body and stress reaction that seem to be triggered by everything. There was also healing needed in my self-esteem, reconnection with my intuition, learning to respect and value my instincts, thoughts, and feelings.
The Gupta Program was a big part of my healing journey and since 2013 I’m part of the brain retraining team as a coach.

My background is in Social Psychology (MSc). After my studies, I followed many courses and especially Caroline Myss and Byron Katie have been of great inspiration to me. At the moment I’m a student of biofield therapy “Healing Touch”. I live both in the Netherlands and in France and work mainly online.
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