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A thought is just a thought until we project it out into the world through our spoken words or actions.  While thoughts play a critical role in our lives, it’s when they’re amplified that they take on more meaning and significance.

Fortunately, I became aware of this through my own communications.  I was explaining why I’d recently taken up tai chi with the aim of bringing more balance to my body and nervous system.  The words that followed were an important and instant wake-up call, “I just can’t seem to shake this sensitivity”.

I’ve always believed that I’d find a solution for my healing and yet here I was, uttering these words.  It really made me reflect on what I was thinking.  Even though I was very open to trying new things and believed in my body’s ability to heal, perhaps somewhere I had bought into the belief that the sensitivity was just too difficult.

This really didn’t resonate so I decided to dig a little deeper.


Perhaps, like many, I’d tried so many things without seeing a result that this may have contributed to these words being spoken.  In reality, there’s always a result, it’s just sometimes not what we’d like to see or what was expected.

This whole experience made me question how often we do acknowledge a result, any result that brings in more healing.  How often do we celebrate the successes we have?  I realised in that moment, that my focus was totally on healing the sensitivity and that was pretty much it.

What about the times where I was able to have slightly more tolerance?  What about the times when I did have symptoms but the duration and severity was lessened?  What about the times I was able to do a little more in the garden because I was less fatigued?  What about realising that a lower histamine diet made me feel better?

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These were all successes either in energy, tolerance or knowledge and yet I’d celebrated none of them because I still had the sensitivity.  So was I unintentionally impeding my own healing because I simply wasn’t recognising the successes that were happening along the way?

This isn’t about judgement, it’s simply about observing and when we’re opening our awareness through trying new things, we’re expanding our opportunities for healing in ways we probably never even imagined.  This is the real gift I believe we’ve been given.

When we do have success in our healing, regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate this in our own way.  By doing so, we’re creating new memories in the body that recognise these achievements with joy, happiness and fulfilment.  As this is our natural state of being, we’re letting the body know that this is our true alignment; this is what we deserve to have and we’re therefore creating the right space for more to come.

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So, next time I’m having a conversation about health, I’ll be saying something like, “I’m learning so much about healing right now.  It’s amazing what the body can do!”

Words to this effect are empowering and uplifting, giving a constructive and positive outlook for healing to continue.

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Andrea Weber

Andrea Weber is a freelance writer currently healing from fatigue and environmental sensitivities including electromagnetic and to a lesser extent, chemical sensitivity. Andrea shares her knowledge and insights through her written articles and blog posts to encourage and inspire people along their path to personal wellbeing.

Like many others, Andrea had tried several techniques and healing modalities prior to coming across The Gupta Program. Participating in the program has brought an increased understanding and acceptance of these conditions and Andrea is currently working her way through the course modules in conjunction with lifestyle and wellness practices such as nutrition, detoxification, tai chi, meditation, sound healing and EFT. Andrea’s recognition in the value of the program has led her to become an affiliate member https://www.guptaprogram.com/aff/131/ in the hope of encouraging others to also join and benefit.

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