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It’s that crazy time again and what a year it’s been! This Christmas will certainly be a time to bring on the acceptance of doing things a little differently. Gone are many of the usual traditions as people try to simplify and make sense of these next few weeks.


Perhaps the very best gift we can give this year is to value ourselves enough to prioritise taking good care of ourselves. When we put our own self-care at the top of our gifting list, our energy becomes more coherent and much less scattered. We’re able to manage and cope with things in a far better way compared to when we’re depleted.


I think it’s also important to remember that just because we’re doing things a little differently this year, doesn’t mean this special time is somehow less for those who traditionally celebrate.


On the other hand, if this year has all been a bit too much and you’re glad to see the back of it, that’s perfectly fine and very understandable too.

The message to come from all of this is to forget about the “shoulds” and “should nots”.

“I should be feeling better about things at this time of year.”

“I shouldn’t really want to be on my own.”

“We should be making more of an effort.”

“We should be more organised by now.”

“Things should be happy and cheery.”


This last statement, in particular, says a lot about how we’re conditioned to feel at this time. Christmas and the New Year period is traditionally a time of celebration for many, enjoying family and friends, good food, good company and all the gifts that follow.


However, if this is not how you’re feeling right now and not how you’ll be celebrating, this doesn’t make it wrong. It just makes it different.


If we’re feeling disappointed and let down, it’s important to acknowledge that these emotions don’t just magically dissipate because it’s Christmas. If anything, the expectations around this time of year carry additional weight and heaviness if we’re feeling this way.


One way to ‘lighten the load’ is to recognise and accept that these emotions are there for many. Our emotions, and Christmas too for that matter, are things to be experienced and then, they too will pass. The one and only consistent is ourselves and that’s where our focus needs to be. Realising this, I think has become very real for people in 2020.


Regardless of what we’re doing this year, perhaps we can find the simple things in life to smile about, to share with those to whom we care and to nurture the idea that we are worthy of the very best in life. Cherishing and supporting this, even if only as a tiny glimpse for now, will help it grow from an idea into a belief and eventually to an inner knowing surrounded by peace and calm.


It may take us a while to get there but the journey is certainly worthwhile. So in the midst of all the crazy, let’s take the time to give ourselves the very best of gifts this year.


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Andrea Weber

Andrea Weber is a freelance writer currently healing from fatigue and environmental sensitivities including electromagnetic and to a lesser extent, chemical sensitivity. Andrea shares her knowledge and insights through her written articles and blog posts to encourage and inspire people along their path to personal wellbeing.

Like many others, Andrea had tried several techniques and healing modalities prior to coming across The Gupta Program. Participating in the program has brought an increased understanding and acceptance of these conditions and Andrea is currently working her way through the course modules in conjunction with lifestyle and wellness practices such as nutrition, detoxification, tai chi, meditation, sound healing and EFT. Andrea’s recognition in the value of the program has led her to become an affiliate member in the hope of encouraging others to also join and benefit.

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