Hope you can join us for our new webinar series starting Tues 2nd Feb.

With the pandemic, attending the webinar series is a great way of staying connected with the group and myself, during your healing journey. And for this webinar series, we are going to throw in a couple of extra surprises each webinar, not to be missed!

I really can't recommend the webinar series enough.

Many members tell me that they had used the program by itself and had improved, but it was the webinar series which really took their recovery to the next level. The series is expertly designed for those experiencing chronic illness and provides an exclusive opportunity for me to personally answer your health & recovery questions.

If you think you could benefit from a 12-week structured program of:

  • In-depth Brain RetrainingTechniques
  • Holistic Health Tips and Advice
  • Getting Your Questions Answered Personally By Me
  • A Loving Community of Like-Minded Individuals
  • Motivation, Support and Accountability Throughout Every Step of Your Recover

then I encourage you to sign up today.

For more information, please see here. 



Ashok Gupta is the Director of the Gupta Program. He has dedicated his life to helping people get their life back from Chronic Illness, improving people’s well-being, and helping them achieve their potential. He has been teaching meditation around the world for over 15 years. He runs a global e-clinic specializing in treating ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia & Multiple Chemical Sensitivities – www.guptaprogram.com

Ashok has spent many years researching the brain neurology of emotion and linking well-being tools with science. He has published medical papers on the basis of stress-related illnesses. He has appeared in many media as an expert on stress on the BBC, CNN, Guardian Newspaper, ITV, The Independent, and many others.

He wrote and presented the Meaning of Life Experiment which is a Free, Award-winning Meditation and Self-Development App www.themeaningoflife.tv

He also works with companies around the world, teaching courses in Leadership, Time Management, and Personal Development. www.ashokgupta.tv

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