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Healthy relationships are a fundamental part of our wellbeing and like everything in life, are sometimes well-balanced, sometimes a little shaky and sometimes require adjusting.

It takes a special kind of someone to help another along their healing journey, especially when support is a continued need.  It’s not like having a cold or waiting for a broken leg to mend with a clear end in sight.

Just like an environmental sensitivity, things in a relationship are often amplified.  What would normally be bypassed as simply annoying can suddenly take on heightened meaning, particularly if life is unintentionally made more difficult.

The key word here is “unintentionally”.  When we’re overtired, exhausted and in pain, this clarity is often absent from our thinking and responsiveness at the time.  We’re probably not the best version of ourselves in these moments.

In addition, we’re more likely to express how we’re really feeling with those to whom we’re closest. When I’m personally feeling this way, the best support I can have is the space for rest and calm until symptoms subside.

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It usually takes some time to work out exactly what is needed at these times which can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening.  What may work wonderfully well for one person may not work at all for another and it really comes down to personal judgement as to whether something is worthwhile trying.

Things that bring calm and relaxation are so important.  People often find relief in healing music, resting, grounding, warm baths, meditation or retraining techniques like those found in The Gupta Program.

When you do find things that help, it’s about being able to confidently say, “When this happens, this is what I need.”

Open communication allows the healing process to be understood and accepted rather than unintentionally hindered.  For example, being asked about a pain or symptom that may have been mentioned earlier isn’t helpful.  Although it comes from a place of caring, it brings the experience right back into the present moment which can do more harm than good.

If everyone is working together, life becomes easier rather than more complicated and although things may seem one sided, this is often what’s needed, at least until things become more manageable.

First and foremost, we need to understand how essential it is to create our own routine of self-care and self-nurturing.  We need to do this for ourselves and communicate to others why this is so important.

Including our partners and family members when we are feeling better and experiencing happiness and wellness, enables them to re-connect with our true selves and celebrate with us in these moments.

This brings in balance and alignment, not only for ourselves but also for those we love and cherish as well.

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Andrea Weber

Andrea Weber is a freelance writer currently healing from fatigue and environmental sensitivities including electromagnetic and to a lesser extent, chemical sensitivity. Andrea shares her knowledge and insights through her written articles and blog posts to encourage and inspire people along their path to personal wellbeing.

Like many others, Andrea had tried several techniques and healing modalities prior to coming across The Gupta Program. Participating in the program has brought an increased understanding and acceptance of these conditions and Andrea is currently working her way through the course modules in conjunction with lifestyle and wellness practices such as nutrition, detoxification, tai chi, meditation, sound healing and EFT. Andrea’s recognition in the value of the program has led her to become an affiliate member in the hope of encouraging others to also join and benefit.

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