Laura’s Success Story – The Gupta Program

The Gupta Programme was the answer that I was searching for.

After developing moderately severe chemical sensitivity, I researched and tried many treatments. I took expensive probiotics, supplements, balanced my gut, and tried infrared saunas. I even went to a super-expensive environmental illness doctor. I still reacted to fragrances, air fresheners, and almost all chemicals with severe coughing.

Within a few days of starting the Gupta Programme, I noticed improvement. I had been very underweight and I began to return to my normal weight.

Within a week, my reactions were much less severe. Although I highly recommend doing the program for the full six months, I can honestly say that I never had a bad reaction after starting the program. That was three years ago and I am still 100% better. It’s sad that there are still so many support groups for people with chemical sensitivity. I think that every one of them should try the Gupta Programme before they use up all of their savings.