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Hi. My name is Andrea Wady and I’m just letting you know about the success I had with the Gupta Amygdala Retraining Program. In factI’ve just completed a coast to coast trek across Costa Rica. Never in my wildest dreams four years ago would I have ever thought that possible. I had moderate M.E and I had had it for four years. And I was not able to work. I work with horses so I felt like my life had completely fallen apart. I’d been given about a 5% chance of recovery but I never gave up hope and I think that was partly key, was that I always believed that I would get better. Even in the darkest of days I was determined to get better. I looked at nutrition, I looked at pacing myself, I looked at every possible way of recovering from M.E.And all of them helped but they only got me to about 40% I would say. And then my mother in law saw a tiny snippet in the Daily Telegraph newspaper in England. And she said, “You should try this.” And it was a testimonial for Ashok Gupta and I thought, “Well I can get my money back so I’m gonna give it a try.” But I’ll be honest, I was a little sceptical. Well, within three weeks I noticed a difference.It makes me quite emotional because even though I always believed I’d get better, that’s just my spirit. At the time when you’re sitting in that hole it can be a very lonely place to sit.So, seeing like a 5% improvement in three weeks, four weeks was amazing to me. And I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy. There were times when I thought, “If I have to say, ‘stop, stop, stop’ one more time, I’m gonna run screaming from the building.” But running screaming from the building wasn’t an option for me so I had to keep going. So I trust the program and I kept going and I kept going, and within six weeks I was substantially better. And I would say I practiced the program on and off for two years. Because recovery isn’t completely linear and there would be times when I would have little setbacks so I’d pull out my booklet again, listen to my DVDs and get myself straight back on track. I am so thankful for Dr. Gupta because he’s lived what we’ve lived for. And for those of you that are out there that know they can get better but they don’t know how: give it a try. You can always get your money back. It changed my life and I was able to walk across a whole country with my horse. So I will be forever grateful to the Gupta Program – Andrea

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