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My name is Ursula, I am a German living in Malta, centre of the Mediterranean, and I was suffering from CFS   for four years. I am purposely using the past tense here.I found Ashok’s advert on the immunesupport website last November,  ordered the DVDs and started doing the retraining on 4th of January this year. So I’m just halfway through my six months period now. For me, the process has worked exactly the way Ashok announces on his website. I’m not yet 100% better, maybe 80%. But I don’t have the slightest doubt or worry the   100% will come. Ok, I was maybe in an easier position than others after 4 years of illness I hadn’t lost the memory of how life would be if I’m healthy, for instance. Also, I didn’t have many complicating secondary health issues.Up to now, what is required to recover from CFS by Ashok’s DVD programme, is having the guts for an own judgment, an own opinion on things, plus the ability to trust. For me, Ashok’s explanation is a breakthrough in the understanding of this kind of condition, and I see farther-reaching consequences of his discovery for other problems many people are facing these days.

I’m leaving for a one-week bike trekking tour through Sicily, early tomorrow morning. To me, Ashok’s method is the answer to the ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia problem. It’s not just a therapy, this guy has made a discovery which reaches further. Only it will be a long way to have this accepted and fully explored,   and made use of by the medical profession.

This cure is a true cure. It takes commitment, it takes belief, it takes much more than swallowing pills prescribed to you. I am largely better after 3 1/2  months now. – Ursula

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