Tricia’s Success Story  – The Gupta Program
Gupta Program Dandelion

The reason I’m here is to encourage anyone who is on the Gupta Program or those hesitating about starting it. I am nearly 62 started CFS  when working 4 days/week. Eventually   stopped work.- Went to nutritionist & like many of you tried various therapies –   acupuncture, food allergy. A vega machine operator helped enormously &  over time, I improved quite a lot to the point where I was gardening freely (I.e.   not taking the timer out with me to stop me after 20 minutes because that was   the limit I had built up to before resting for an hour or so)In February 2003 I broke my leg quite badly and was on crutches for 3   months – my poor husband was back to doing everything for me again. Gradually   I learnt to walk again and I felt fine – super Christmas.  In the autumn I resumed a distance learning course I had started, together with a local course to help the DL course and suddenly all those frightening symptoms returned … I was devastated and mentally completely depleted. I spent Nov, Dec, Jan in bed. Like many   of you I had

– electromagnetic stress – hid the remote phones, limited computer use

– myriad of digestive disturbances – lots of pills

– usual head fog and appalling sleep patterns

– any outing followed by days in bed however well planned beforehand

– tried to prepare potatoes and other veg in snatches throughout the day so   husband had less to cook at night on his return from work

As usual, the garden helped and music, so I concentrated on those when I could and improved somewhat over the summer. I had heard of Ashok and wondered whether to go to London. Still, I hesitated.   As autumn approached I almost feared November. Finally, I took the plunge and bought the programme in November.Because Ashok has had CFS he knows all the symptoms and feelings and it is all recognised in the programme. I   felt improvement after 2 weeks – like a weight lifting. 2 weeks before   Christmas my mother fell ill with that awful virus ……. I went (unthinkable before) plus the CD to listen to & tools to do. It was fine. I came back for the w/end and returned the following week (2-hour drive) and then it was   Christmas which was wonderful. (I continuously used the tools)

– Jan – stopped all digestive pills – joined gym (2/3 x week)

– Feb – got lazy – symptoms more apparent – redoubled efforts on programme –  fine again

– March – lots of gardening and walking

– April – walked 7 miles – felt fine

– May – husband retired.

– June – sailing in Turkey with friends!

Needless to say, life throws up different/new situations and returning to normal life is a challenge in itself but with the tools and techniques, it is all possible. Recovery is not linear but has dips to be recognised and not be frightened of. Whereas the challenge used to be to plan any outing with almost military precision – that has gone. I have just had the house full of friends and cooked for them all – unimaginable last year. Sorry this is so   long

It is a remarkable programme full of helpful, constructive information. Try it! -Tricia