Gupta Program Dandelion

Dear Ashok, I began the retraining programme about 2 months ago. Within three weeks of receiving the package and working hard at the programme, I went on holiday!  In fact, I left Australia, had a few days in Hong Kong and then flew on to the UK!. I had a three-week driving tour of England and Scotland which meant lots of driving and new and exciting adventures. During the four weeks away I had only one ‘dip’. I realized quickly that I had neglected doing the re-training as I’d forgotten I’d had M.E.!

I was in the London last week but only close to your office on a   Sunday. I had wanted to come in and shake your hand – nay – give you a big hug to say THANK YOU so much. FINALLY after 16 years of the roller coaster of this awful illness I can say – I’m just about there in bidding it s’long and good riddance. In my heart I knew the illness was, as I called it, a chemical surge but I couldn’t discover exactly what was going on. I cannot say loud enough, enthusiastically enough how happy I am to have learnt of your programme.I am also grateful for your follow up email as it answered my question that,   I had indeed, got complacent, neglecting the re-training. I have since learnt, even when feeling 100%, I am to keep on with the re-training. So,   back on track, back in Australia and feeling BRILLIANT!I wish you much health, happiness and success in your own life – you deserve it. And, once again, thank you Ashok. Warmest wishes to you. – Susan Cross