Success Story from the Netherlands – The Gupta Program
Gupta Program Dandelion

I have used the first version of the technique with the poster for about a month. And it was a great process to learn about the negative thoughts that were there and working on those. But I remember feeling a bit unsettled about it. For me personally, I remember getting extra enthusiastic when I learned about the Accelerator. I started working on the thoughts and feelings that were there still.

At that time it was: fear of getting reactions to packages that were delivered (and newspaper smells, and sorting laundry before washing); looking in the mirror and worrying about red bits in my face (what have I done that caused this?); I cannot concentrate on work with all this perfume around me. Positive Affirmations I used are: I can focus well. These smells are okay. I am calm and accept the smells around me and on me. I can take it. The main positive Affirmation I use when doing the short version of the technique is: ” I can take it “.
I now mainly use the Accelerator to prepare for new situations: for instance, when very perfumy visitors come or when I need to go to a place where I know I will be close to lots of people with perfume. I am currently focusing on the concept of studying/working and concentrating in a room full of smells because this will happen in a month when I start with a new professional course ( I only do some volunteer work at the moment). I train myself on the thought of being relaxed and being able to focus on work in a room with other people during the visualization exercise every morning (exercise 2 of Disc 5). The meditation exercises I have been using every morning since I learned them. I find these really help to start the day in a relaxed way.
I am able to read newspapers without getting annoyed about the smell of the ink ( I just don’t seem to smell it that much anymore). I take packages that are delivered without worries. Since about two weeks I use soap in public places ( I had not done that for about three years ). And last weekend I actually did not bring my own neutral soap anymore when I went into town, and I washed my hands at a public toilet with their soap. And it was okay. I will probably not start using that soap in my own home, because I like the more non-chemical stuff also because it’s better for our environment, but the point is, that I am able to use the other stuff when I come across it. And I am able to be okay with the other people’s perfumes ( even when they leave a bit on my face after they kissed me).

This makes life much easier and carefree -35-year-old female from the Netherlands