Sonya’s Success Story – The Gupta Program
Gupta Program Dandelion

6 years ago I began having symptoms of CFS and fibromyalgia, and over the course of one year, it developed into something that became absolutely earth-shattering, making me so unwell I had to come home from my university and stop working altogether. I was light sensitive and had constant brain fog, feeling too unwell to watch TV, go places with bright lights, read books, eat fatty/sugary foods, or do much of anything for very long.

It took about 4 years to figure out I had CFS/fibromyalgia. I saw maybe 100 doctors and I got a range of incorrect diagnoses and suggestions. From surgeries to many many medications, I tried it all. I was tired, confused, and desperate for a solution.
And finally, like a gift from heaven that I had been waiting for four very long years, I found the Gupta Programme. I related so much to Ashok’s story and the testimonials of the people in it. His theory made sense. Finally, I thought this could be the answer, and I was filled with hope.

I ordered the programme and just a few weeks in I thought, this is my solution. This is how I’m going to get healthy again. And now, 2 years later, the programme was an absolute success for me. There’s so much I can do now, and I feel well while doing it. I am back in school, I can go out with friends, watch TV, eat anything, do chores around the house, and function like a normal human again! What a huge relief.

I am extremely grateful to Ashok for his programme which was completely life-changing for me. From my heart to yours, if you have CFS/fibromyalgia/MCS I genuinely encourage you to try this programme.