Gupta Program Dandelion

I have seen that a core belief of people with MCS is “the world is a hostile place”. I have heard this belief often stated in various words in MCS posts on other forums. I believe this pattern of thinking is what engenders an exaggerated amygdala reaction to environmental chemicals. Toxins in the environment confirm this belief and the reaction builds as in the other stress illnesses. This is the pattern I work on the most.

Personally, I cannot separate MCS from food intolerances. I have both and they seem fundamentally related to me. After studying the program I begin to suspect that lively family arguments during dinner when I was a child may have contributed to food sensitivities. I have done nothing to attempt to desensitize myself systematically from chemicals and foods. My experience is that working the program is causing the sensitivities to diminish on their own. I push myself into eating more and more foods as I improve and back off from time to time when I pushed too far. This seems to work. The chemical sensitivities are diminishing on their own. I spilt gasoline yesterday and was not ill from it even without a mask. As is to be expected times of stress result in more symptoms.

I have found that when I can, adding physical meditation (dancing meditation in my case) greatly ameliorates my brain fog. – Serendipity