A very comprehensive program.

I have been using The Gupta Program on and off for some years now. I find it to be very comprehensive. I think of Ashok as a compassionate and empathetic person who truly wants to help others with his program. I attended a workshop he had in New York some years ago and in person he brought the same caring approach to healing as he does through his program and webinars.
I previously had problems doing the “stops” because I was at odds with myself and in showing compassion to myself. Through coaching I was able to work through this and am doing better this time around with retraining. As a result I now enjoy the parts work and at step 3 lovingly speaking with my scared parts.
The subtle attention that Ashok pays to appealing to the senses in his video is something I appreciate. The beautiful sceneries calm my mind. I think it is wonderful that he puts careful thought into to every aspect of his work to help retrainers.
Thank-you Ashok.