Penny’s Success Story – The Gupta Program
Gupta Program Dandelion

In my twenties, I had chronic fatigue twice for six months at a time, though I managed to shake it off. I was living a very stressful, highly paced, unhealthy lifestyle, working very long hours. One day, I was at my computer at work, and felt flu-like symptoms. I went outside, and they disappeared. I got back to my desk, and started to feel ill again. This continued, and my health fairly quickly deteriorated over the next few weeks and months, with almost constant insomnia, migraines, nausea, racing heartbeat, muscle weakness, tingling in my feet, stomach pains and loose stools, burning face and other symptoms. I now know that these are all malfunctions of the autonomic nervous system due to a dysfunctional limbic system, but had no idea at the time. I was diagnosed at a private clinic (Breakspear Hospital) with Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS).

I had EHS for over 15 years, and it got worse and worse. I spent about £20,000 on private doctors and alternative health, including some very wacky things! The only thing that really helped was chiropractic treatment, but it was expensive as I had to go three times a week to see any benefit, and as ultimately I had to sell my house and leave my career due to my EHS, it was beyond my budget. No doctor could help me. Family and friends had never heard of the condition, and most thought I was making it up, I was mad or that I had a psychological problem.

At my worst, I could not watch TV, could not use a computer, even a laptop on the battery function, could not be near certain lights, so going out was difficult, and could not talk on a mobile phone for more than a few seconds. It didn’t make any sense to me, but my symptoms persisted. Modern life was defeating me. It got so bad that at one point I was driven to consider suicide, after five days with hardly any sleep.

Then one day I heard the Gupta Programme mentioned on one of my EHS forums. A lady said that her boyfriend had been cured of EHS by using the technique. I did some research and realised I had nothing to lose, as there is a money-back guarantee.
I managed to watch the DVDs on the days I was not so bad (using a projector and sitting very far away), and although it took me a long time to watch them all, I put the techniques into practice. Immediately I began to feel a little better, and over the next six months I showed huge improvement. I misunderstood the instructions about how long to meditate for, and was meditating with the CDs for two hours every day! One day, I realised that I was about 70% better.

I must admit that after I reached a certain level of recovery, I was not as diligent about doing the rounds as I could have been. Who knows, I might have achieved 100% improvement by now if I had worked harder (or is that the Achiever personality type rearing its head?!). I did have a bad dip recently, perhaps because I had become complacent, but with the use of the techniques again this dip only lasted a week. I am now committed to continuing until I see even more improvement.

It seems that Gupta’s way of thinking about the limbic system is becoming the gold standard of dealing with CFS, MCS, EHS and other nervous system related problems. If it is not, it should be! It makes total sense to me and I am so glad I have found it. I am now nearly normal again! It just takes a shift in perspective from thinking that EMFs are bad and harmful, to seeing that it is just your amygdala that is seeing them as so. After all, most people are able to live with electricity in their life without any problems!

I find that it also helps not to associate yourself with your problem. Don’t rush to tell everyone you meet that you have EHS, don’t be active on forums about it, don’t read up on how awful EMFs are and how bad TVs and computers are for you. Be separate from your condition, and then it will separate from you!

Thank you thank you thank you to wonderful Ashok.

Penny – Cornwall, UK