More on my experience with the Gupta Program

This is an update to a previous review. I still recommend people to take Ashok Gupta’s program. It has really helped people with specific disorders and so it is important to have a reasonably accurate diagnosis going into this work. In my case, much later in life (a couple of years back actually), I learned I had a significant respiratory condition (not just asthma) that impacted my energy level as well as having CFS. So when I previously used the Gupta Program, my recovery was affected by this permanent lung damage and so it was good to finally know this, and it had a bearing on why I did not make it to 80-100% recovery. After adding specific breathing modalities from Buteyko Breathing, did I then continue to improve further. The two modalities of the Gupta Program and Buteyko Breathing are very helpful for me to stay on an even keel. Any notable improvement is a success for one undertaking this journey even if one does not get to 100%.