Nancy’s Success Story – The Gupta Program
Gupta Program Dandelion

Hi, my name is Nancy. I completed the Gupta Program two years ago. I had suffered from multiple chemical sensitivities and electrical sensitivities. I have a lot of fatigue. And a friend of mine had great success with the Gupta Program, and she highly, highly recommended it. So, I tried it. I was very diligent and committed, and I found that I grew tremendously in the program. I had done lots of yoga, lots of therapy, lots of other modalities, but nothing really helped to transform myself like the Gupta Program did.

I now have far less electrical sensitivities. Very minor, if any, multiple chemical sensitivities. But mostly, I just feel better. I feel stronger emotionally. I feel like I excavated my true self with the program. It was a program of self-knowledge and self-discovery, and I’m really grateful that I did it. Good luck to anyone who tries it. It was wonderful. Thanks. – Nancy