Monika’s Success Story – The Gupta Program
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Dear Ashok,

Greetings from Germany!

Today I would like to write to you to say that my life is a further example which shows that your programme works against MCS. I was fortunate enough to come across your programme after less than 2 years of suffering from MCS (during which I went through times of sleeping in the forest, of withdrawing from social life for fear of things like perfumes, odours from carpets or other indoor chemicals, exhaust fumes, etc. and I was on sick-leave for almost 12 months). Before I learned about your hypothesis and re-training methods, I had seen videos on Youtube with testimonies of people who said that they had been healed from MCS through certain re-training techniques, but they did not make clear references to who or what had healed them. I had read a lot about brain research and I was treated by a physician for stress symptoms for quite some time before a friend of mine urged me to look at the website of a Swiss MCS support group. There I found a link to a discussion forum with a post from someone who explained eloquently how the Gupta Program had helped him and why he thought that the criticism of the programme mainly came from people who had never tried it.

I followed the link from that post to your website, read your explanations there, and over the following few days watched some of your Youtube videos. As everything you said sounded ever so plausible to me and fit in with other things I had read and heard before, I ordered your DVD set. And what can I say, I did not even have to wait until I got to the exercises which you recommend. Once I had understood what MCS is all about and where it comes from, I started getting better, and my over-sensitivity towards chemical smells started decreasing.

It took me about 4 to 5 weeks before I could enter certain places again at least for some time which I had had to avoid completely before. My chemical sensitivity did not go away all at once, but I did notice the difference after those few weeks! It has been about 6 months now since my first contact with your programme, and my life is back to normal – even though at times I can still smell certain odours more sensitively than before. I am able to work in my job again, I can live in my house without having to fear the nights any more in which exhaust fumes from the street nearby used to make it impossible for me to find any sleep. And recently I even walked into the cosmetics department of an organic supermarket and enjoyed the smells there! They suddenly appeared to be true fragrances again, while for a long time before I had only perceived them as a stench…

Therefore I would like to say a big THANK YOU for your programme and for making it available to the public – without making people pay a fortune for it…

Therefore I would like to say a big THANK YOU for your programme and for making it available to the public – without making people pay a fortune for it…

I have started and will continue trying to share my positive experiences with others who are affected by MCS. But so far I have learned that this sharing is not often welcomed with arms open wide… Scepticism and sometimes downright aggressivity seem to be a widespread attitude – usually from people who only know your programme by hearsay.

I think that I will soon also make another appointment with the doctor who offered me his (sound and non-conventional-medicine) stress treatment for several months and whom I have not seen in quite a while because I feel so much better. He treats patients with MCS and has a good approach, but at least until autumn of last year he was quite apparently not yet aware of the “missing link” which is provided by your programme.

I would be glad if a lot of people with MCS (or CFS, or fibromyalgia, etc.) learned more about your hypothesis and if they were open enough to try this approach for themselves, even if everybody around them tells them that there is no cure for their problem. And I will try to contribute my share in order to make this happen.

With kind regards – Monika