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I first contracted a mild case of Covid…

I first contracted a mild case of Covid in April 2020. Dealing with the Long Covid that followed was mystifying and lonely. I became 90% unable to function. I was beyond exhausted, had brain fog, anxiety, panic, memory problems, pain, trouble breathing or sleeping, was unable to exercise at all…and much, much more. I found the Gupta Program in September 2020 and it was explained to me, removing the mystery. I was with others around the world online each week who are dealing with Long Covid and similar chronic conditions. So much support and assurances were made available. Best of all, we were all given tools and practices, very holistic and scientific, and coaching to set us on our healing journey. I will keep registering for the Gupta follow up webinars for some time to come. This has given me hope, effective attitudes and practices, support, and gradual healing. I could go on and say more but, will just finish with…it works! ~Melinda Grogan, US

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