Turtle Power

One of the hardest parts of CFS and Long Covid is that others in your life seem not to understand your challenges, so seem unsupportive, impatient. It’s hard for us who have the conditions to accept their reality, and be patient with ourselves during the process of recovery, one that requires different “rules” to live by in order to get well. I have always been high energy…driven to be very productive, multitasking. Now I am learning the wisdom of what I call “Turtle Power”. Who won the race against the speedy Hare, in the end?

I attend the live webinars to access that understanding, support, and regular encouragement so I don’t forget what it takes to get well, don’t try to “override” the symptoms, and most of all, to keep me on track. Like the patient Turtle, an easy pace gets one to the finish line.

It can be lonely to deal with this illness. The Gupta program helps me not feel so isolated and alone…they understand and keep the encouragement coming

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