I signed up for the Gupta program to heal chemical sensitivity and it worked!

I signed up for the Gupta program to heal my chemical sensitivity. I’ve had it on and off throughout my life and I’ve tried many healing techniques but nothing worked so I was intrigued.
I am well trained in meditation, breathing techniques and energy healing. This program works well for those who are open to working this way to heal.
The program explained what was happening in a way that my symptoms basically stopped without doing much more than reading and listening to Ashok’s concept.
Within weeks I noticed that perfume and cologne suddenly started to smell good! Hand soap that would have caused a reaction no longer did. Its been 3 months and I have no symptoms and I’m sure this condition is now healed.
I stayed the course and participated in the weekly live sessions, read the book that comes with the program and listened to the meditations. They were all very easy to follow and support anyone who is struggling with overcoming any of the conditions under NICS – Neuro Immune Condition Syndromes.
I was following a very strict diet and I love how Ashok explains what happens to the brain when you are being 100% strict. I am now only eliminating the major food sensitivities and symptoms are slim to none.
I noticed immediate results from just reading and hearing Ashok’s explainations. After struggling on and off over many years, I knew this just made sense and would work for me.
Thank you!

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