Lynn’s Success Story – The Gupta Program
Gupta Program Dandelion

I’d been ill a few years – a couple years mostly bedbound; a few years mostly housebound. At my brain’s lowest point I couldn’t read or understand people talking to me – word salad. My illness had a gradual onset, over about 4 months, at a time of extreme ongoing stress. It was triggered by mercury poisoning, though that wasn’t discovered for several years. I’ve since had the mercury taken out of my teeth (the source) and chelated from my system. That improved my cognitive function by about half and was improving my body up to ~30% function. I ran into trouble with the chelation eventually and wound up back in bed.

I started doing the Gupta program about 5 weeks ago. At first, it looked silly. And sounded worse.(You’ve got to be kidding. This is nuts.)   Then I actually tried it. I was surprised at how powerful the words/ motions felt…

It’s been amazing. I no longer need the riding carts in the stores. I don’t need my cane – which converts to a seat. (I can stand up!!!) I can think. I can cook (badly, since I’m out of practice, but that will change). I’ve been going to the local senior center for 2 weeks, riding the stationary bike there, and have joined a “stretch & strengthen” class there. On days I don’t bike, I’m walking – a little over a mile now. No recovery time. !

I’ve gotten over the shock of this new world I’m suddenly living in, but still feel strange parking deliberately far away from wherever I’m going –   and leaving my cane in the car.

I put off trying his meditations for a while; was seeing radical shifts in my function before I ever did that. I like the meditation and am doing it, but do not credit it with the improvements I’m seeing. 6 weeks ago I was at ~40% function; today I’d guess it’s ~85%. And rising.

Essentially, I no longer have CFS. Now I’m just a fat middle-aged lady who’s way out of shape. But not for long.

I believe this may be at the core of many auto-immune illnesses. The amygdala speaks directly to the hypothalamus, which controls the autonomic nervous system. We know the HPA axis is on tilt, and that the autonomic nervous system is bollixed.

We’re not talking crazy, or depressed, or ‘mental’. Think Pavlov’s dogs.   They’re trained to salivate when the bell rings. How to you get them to stop salivating to the bell? The main control switch has been stuck in the wrong position, thus creating all manner of chaos down the line. My opinion. My experience. For what it’s worth – Lynn