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I’m 73 and have probably had CFS for 30 years but not as severely as those shown on your interviews. I have had bad periods over the years but always recovered and got on with my life. However, since Christmas, I’ve been continually fatigued and felt the need to do something about it. I joined the ME Association and saw the advertisement for the Amygdala Hypothesis. The emails you sent me were brilliant from my perspective. The explanation made total sense to me as well as explaining my symptoms. After the first email, I ordered the DVDs. Before I got the DVDs I realised what would be required and started a process of interrupting my Amygdala response. Obviously, this wasn’t as good as the proper technique but I was already feeling some progress and, importantly, positive about the process. After 2 days of using the full technique, I’m very much better and have no doubt I shall achieve a full recovery.– K.H., UK