JR Success Story | The Gupta Program
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I’ve been doing this program for just over 4 months. When I started, I had been totally bed bound with a   severe CFS “relapse” for 6 months. I was too weak to lift utensils to feed myself, or get to the bathroom, and had to use a bedside commode. Talking was exhausting. I had aching glands for months, but my doctors couldn’t find any “active” viruses. Whenever I tried to increase my activity level I seemed to feel even weaker, with standard post-exertional malaise, totally out of proportion to the movement.I think this program is phenomenal, and I wish I had found it before my muscles became so severely de-conditioned from inactivity. But even with starting where I did, and only able to implement parts of the program, I am doing much better. Within a week of starting it, I could feed myself. I still need wheelchair help to get around, and frankly need help with a lot of things still…BUT… I can sit up at the table for meals, get wheeled to the bathroom, change myself, walk short distances, go for almost daily car rides,   and I can actually type this post, which several months ago, was impossible.   Plus, I now feel that CFS–as I had understood it– really isn’t the issue anymore. I see now that subconscious/amygdalar fear and anxiety has played a huge role in keeping me ill for many years, now compounded by a de-conditioned body. But, I feel very optimistic at this point. Since I’ve improved so much already, I see no reason that this won’t continue until I’m stronger than before. So, I highly recommend the Gupta Program. Out of all of the many,   many treatments I’ve tried, it’s the only thing that has had any significant impact.– JR