Jill’s CFS Success Story – The Gupta Program
jill's success story

I had to let you know that I bought your CFS Recovery program about a month ago as I had had (notice the past tense) CFS for 2 years, and I am amazed at the difference already. Actually, I noticed a remarkable change for the better within the first couple of days of doing your program.

I have already passed your information onto about 4 more people.

The last couple of days I have had a recurrence of CFS, you know the normal ie sore throat, sore ears, swollen glands, achy limbs!!!

I am also doing your New Years 10 day meditation challenge and I just had to tell you how at peace I am with it all and just know that this is a passing faze and it will soon go and I will be once again back on track to full recovery.

So thank you so much for your help