Jane Jackson’s Success Story – The Gupta Program

The webinars were extremely helpful and informative and were a fantastic addition to the dvds.

This programme has had a very positive effect on my attitude to life. The thesis is that certain parts of the brain (amygdala, insular etc) are over sensitive. The idea, therefore, is to calm down the central nervous system so that the body can heal. I bought the DVDs and found them very helpful, but the webinars have been even better. I was able to ask Ashok Gupta any questions about the programme during every session which lasted well over an hour. I learnt from the questions and comments that others on the webinar were asking as well. Ashok is so approachable and his enthusiasm is inspirational. I found the webinars, in particular, were a great motivation to keep up with the programme. I am so much better now than before I started the programme even though I still have a way to go.