Cutting-edge science with a warm heart and spirit

I started ‘retraining my brain’ with The Gupta Programme some time ago, and my health conditions have greatly improved, even though they’d been with me for many years and were complex.

Whether you do several series or just one, it’s heartwarming to share experiences with others in community, and there are fresh insights to discover each time, that reinforce your progress and recovery – and help keep you from slipping back into old habits!

The neuro/brain theories really make sense to me, and I love the holistic ethos – you’re never seen as ‘an illness’ or as parts of a body.

Ashok, who developed the programme after recovering from ME/CFS himself, is deeply committed, astute and passionate, and also compassionate, and while the programme is carefully-designed, it’s not set in stone.

He and the Team enhance the techniques in response to new research findings, and adapt the weekly webinars in response to feedback from Retrainers.

Hopefully, whatever innovations the team do bring in, they will always maintain a total acceptance of anyone not wishing to appear on camera or speak during the live sessions.
There are diverse personal or practical reasons for this, and no one should ever feel under any pressure, or feel less welcome or valued, because of their situation.

You can type your questions into the Q&A, by the way – and even ask Ashok to keep them anonymous if that’s more comfortable.

There’s an empathetic Facebook forum where members can drop in to share retraining-related progress, challenges and recommendations, and generally encourage one another.

The weekly live webinars are key. These help you feel connected to the concepts and practice, and also to Ashok. He will go into such useful depth here, and explain complex ideas deftly and clearly.
He is enthusiastic, kind, and genuinely wants everyone to benefit.
The atmosphere is serious in content but with a lot of warmth and humour! Cutting-edge science with a warmth of heart and spirit.

It’s great in the webinars to be able to address questions and doubts direct to Ashok (and sometimes to a Gupta Coach), as well as hear other Retrainers’ experiences; and there’s the chance to speak in small groups for a while if you wish.

If you can’t make the webinars live, you have each week’s recording of these.

There’s a wealth of retraining exercises and material in the programme, and you do need to have commitment and do the practices as faithfully as you can (although with some flexibity, depending on your circumstances). And it can take a while to ease into everything.

So it’s not always an easy path, but whatever your challenges, I’d say that being in a supportive and actively-healing environment lifts your spirits and can help to bring (perhaps for the first time) true optimism about your future, however long you’ve been ill for – which in turn helps your healing and recovery.

It’s also a welcome revelation being amongst people (Ashok, the Coaches, the other Retrainers) who never question that your symptoms are genuine, or that you can recover…companions who believe you, and believe in you, and in the techniques!

Wishing you reading this much brightness with your health, healing and recovery, and your future.