A valuable holistic tool for wellbeing

I’ve been Gupta Retraining for a while, and it’s wonderful to see it helping people with various conditions and really tough symptoms begin to regain their physical & emotional wellbeing and sense of future.

The approach is based in the latest neuro-science, which shows in the live and recorded sessions. And the warmth from Ashok and the Team feels inclusive and encouraging, often after numerous setbacks elsewhere.

In my case, fluctuating symptoms that I’d pushed against for years and ignored as far as possible (too far, as I’ve now learned!) eventually tipped over into much more severe illness and disability, triggered by an overload of physical & emotional shocks to the system (like severe infections, exposure to toxins, juggling several jobs & caring responsibilities, bereavement, housing conditions, etc, etc).
Perhaps this has been similar for some of you?

As for many people, medical prognoses were discouragingly bleak and I was very ill for a long time and in tough circumstances, but I just felt that there must be more to it and just didn’t want to give up.

One day, seeing info on our ‘reptile’ brain parts, it sounded like there might be a link there with these kinds of illnesses and symptoms.
Then when I found Ashok’s clear, thoughtful take on how the brain’s reactions get heightened and triggered and stuck, it all made so much sense.

It was also fantastic to encounter, along with an understanding of the causes, such optimism about us recovering – using specific techniques & approaches that relax our nervous systems and retrain how our neuro-plastic brains are firing.
And through deeper shifts of perception & understanding on how we live, too.

The healing changes come especially through strengthening our awareness, connection, self-kindness and acceptance, and moving gently towards a greater sense of balance & ease, internally and out in the world. A different way of approaching life.

If you’re reading this, I’m so sorry that you may have experienced discouragement, perhaps disbelief & dismissal, from others, about your condition (maybe also from yourself – understandably…! I have done, too).

The Gupta Programme is the opposite – optimistic, supportive, encouraging, accepting. The techniques are profound but very practical and applicable.

The crux for me and many people has been the daily meditations, and practising the core Brain Retraining techniques, along with the live weekly webinars (which you can also watch on Replay), plus the sense of connection & community, where people can explore and gain strength in a compassionate atmosphere.

Even when you doubt your ability to recover, Ashok will address your questions with insight and clarity, and suggest ways that you can adjust your Retraining for it to work best for you in that moment.

There’s a kind, informative online forum where Retrainers share insights and where anyone having difficulties or ‘dips’ can get suggestions from experienced members.

And the helpful Gupta Team are there for other queries.

Like many people, I so appreciate the work that Ashok and everyone involved has (and continues to) put into creating the programme.
The tools are holistic both for getting well, and then for maintenance. It’s not a cure-all but is a hugely worthwhile healing tool for various ‘neuro-immune’-related conditions.

You do need to commit time and effort to doing the exercises & practices, but if you’re finding it hard, there’s flexibility and encouragement – and, you can just restart, nothing lost.

You can also adjust the brain-retraining exercises to do lying down if you’re bed-bound, or seated.

The Team keep abreast of new research and incorporate it into new sessions.

And each time you re-watch material or re-do an exercise, I find you notice and learn something different. There’s a great deal of discovery involved.

Then there’s Ashok’s terrible sense of humour and his love of singing…!
Seriously, he’s great, very committed, and the approach offers seriousness & thoroughness mixed with humour and an uplifting warmth & lightness. (‘Re-engaging with joy’!)

It can’t be for everyone, of course, but if you’re interested, it’s worth putting your heart & mind into doing it fully for some time, asking questions when you need to…
But don’t put pressure on yourself to ‘succeed’ at it or ‘do it perfectly’!
Shifts naturally come at difference paces for different people.
And the course caters for differing illness & energy levels, and calming rather than straining our systems is forefront.

Wishing you all the best in your healing, whether with the Gupta Programme or not! I do rate it, though. The science seems so sound, and us working together, encouraging one another, on the path to wellness gives a beautiful heart to the programme, I think.