The Gupta program is powerful and effective in healing chronic illness! And it has been an answered prayer for me.

I experienced CFS, FMS, SAD, IBS and more for 20+ years and, during that time, I explored quite deeply for healing modalities. Many treatments I tried were helpful, but I found I couldn’t maintain any gains I made using those treatments. I couldn’t fully heal, nor could I return to an acceptable quality of life.

At 5% health and homebound I found the Gupta Program and I dove right in. My experience using Ashok’s program has been deeper and more positive than I could ever have imagined! The Gupta Program offers a valuable toolkit which has guided me in a clear and nurturing way. And I know deeply that his tools will be the leading force in my journey to full health. My symptoms are decreasing, and my quality of life is remarkable. I will joyously continue to use the Gupta techniques on my journey to full health!

I am so grateful to Ashok for sharing his wisdom, knowledge and techniques with us all.

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