…But What If I Could?

But what if I really could have enough energy to achieve my dream? Do you have a dream that you don’t dear to admit to yourself, let alone anybody else because it feels unachievable? That was me.

My name is Elizabeth. When I started the Gupta program in June 2020 my dream was to become a Gupta Coach. Something that just did not seem remotely possible at the time.

My story starts with a downward spiral of fatigue and multiple sensitivities which had steadily been getting worse for more than 15 years. I had had problems with fatigue all my life, but this time I was just not able to shake it. Then 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), an inherited connective tissue disorder. This explained many my many and varied symptoms. However, frustratingly, the medical system could not offer me a way to improve my health.

Intuitively it did not feel right that a downward spiral was all I could look forward to. I had worked in the health industry enough to realise most of the conditions I had, like the POTs, Hashimoto’s, chronic pain, depression, sleep issues, fatigue, food and chemical sensitivities etc were linked to an overactive immune system and/or nervous system, not to my EDS. My understanding was that my connective tissue disorder predisposed me to these issues, but it did not create them. This is why Ashok’s explanation of the condition in Session 3 really resonated. He talks about over-triggering of the nervous and immune system, and how this can create a vicious cycle where the symptoms themselves create more symptoms, a loop in the brain. It made immediate sense to me. I knew straight away that I was totally committed to the program, and I dared to allow myself a dream that one day maybe I could become a Gupta Coach.

My Gupta journey started with a rush of hope, amplified by Ashok’s wisdom. That if I was unable to find a positive memory for my visualisations, I could ask myself “But what if I could imagine one. What would that feel like?”. This was a revelation! It is not an exaggeration to say this phrase changed my life, something I will always be grateful for. I had been fatigued for so long that I didn’t have a pool of wellness memories that I could pull from. Remembering also took valuable energy, but imagining was a joy and did not take energy. This phrase is one of the cornerstones in my health journey.

…but what if you could imagine your dream? If you had the energy to pursue it, what would that feel like?

This weekend I took my first step toward my goal of becoming a Gupta Coach. I successfully completed the level 1 Gupta Coaching training course. Something I could not have dreamed of accomplishing with the brain fog and fatigue levels I had last year. I have moved from being on that treadmill of constant self-care just keep my head above the water, to feeling that I am a whole person – that I am not broken, that I have something of value that I can offer others and most of all that I have hope. And maybe, just maybe I really can become a Gupta coach.

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