Conny’s Success Story – The Gupta Program

The Gupta Programme made me a healthy person

By following the Guptaprogramme my life totally changed. I had ME/CFS for 17 years and had tried all kind of therapies, without result. Finally, I had accepted my 50%-life. But when I found Gupta on the internet something changed. He really knows what ME/CFS was, telling things I had experienced, but never heard of before. In the beginning, I could look to the DVD’s just 10 minutes a day. My smile came back on my face. I followed the programme in the “do your best, leave the rest”-way. Also, the webinars were helpful.

After half a year I really felt a lot better. After that, there were a few dips and some other illnesses, but the ME-tiredness never came back. I followed the “Art of Living”-course and the workshop of Gupta in Londen. They all helped me to be where I am now: a healthy person of 66 years, free from ME. It all started with the Gupta Programme three years ago. I can recommend it to all persons really wanting to cure themselves from ME/CFS.