CD’s Success Story – The Gupta Program
Gupta Program Dandelion

Dear Ashok, Words cannot thank you enough for this treatment, I have been on it now for 2 months and cannot believe what I   have achieved in terms of going out and how I actually feel.  I have had   CFS for 12 months, and been housebound for 9 months.  After only 5 days   I went to a funeral and after 2 weeks I attended a wedding, there is no way I   could have gone to these things before I started the program.  I keep a   list of all the things I am now able to do and it is getting quite long now.  I feel I am completely on track for a full recovery after 6 months.    A friend of mine also bought the program and she has had CFS for 13 years and she too is improving.My sister has CFS also, so I hope to be ordering another program in the near future.So, thank you very very much, I  look forward to a life of wellness again, but a life much changed for the better as well. Kind Regards,– CD