Anonymous’s Success Story – The Gupta Program
Gupta Program Dandelion

I just wanted to thank you for the seminar in London this weekend. I got so much out of it, you really are such an inspirational speaker. It has remotivated me and helped a few little last things to click into place.

Indeed I can’t speak highly enough of the whole programme. It has helped me immensely. When I started I felt ill all the time, was virtually housebound and really struggling to bring up my children and keep my life together and unable to do any physical exercise. Now I feel well 97% of the time, which is just marvellous and have virtually no symptom. I can have fun with my family and friends, go to London, use the computer, work part time, travel, sing in a choir, walk for 2 house at a stretch, swim, snorkel, do Pilates. The list is endless! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now have my life back – Anonymous