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I was healthy as a child and teenager. I never had any health problems at all until I reached the age of 23. In 2004 I had glandular fever and this resulted in me having CFS/ME. I could not understand what was going on.

I was not at all accustomed to being ill! I had lived in a moldy flat and somewhere there must have been PCB as well (as they later discovered in my blood test results). I had just finished my MA at UCL (perfectionist / achiever personality type, work hard and play hard being the rule of law! Typical for CFS/ME sufferers as I later discovered thanks to Ashok!) and was looking for work and was rather stressed at the time as London is very expensive and it was hard to find a well-paying job, especially as I had studied archaeology and there are far more archaeologists than there are jobs for them sadly! Also my mother almost died from blood poisoning and my boyfriend at the time was unemployed and depressed so I was constantly worrying about them also. To make matters worse, an orthodontist made a grave mistake and thus I developed TMJ with severe osteoarthritis in both jaw joints on top of the other problems common in CFS/ME like food intolerances, nausea, tiredness, exhaustion, swollen glands and flu-like symptoms – I was also in severe facial pain all the time and had migranes and headaches due to the TMJ.

For many years I struggled, unable to work – going from an active life with many friends to not having a life at all from one day to the next basically as glandular fever hit me hard and was misdiagnosed at first and treated wrongly with antibiotics (which of course don’t help!). Suddenly I found myself alone a lot, and not really knowing many people as I had to move back in with my parents due to being too ill to cook or shop for food and thus had to leave the UK permanently. A lot of people seemed not to understand and generally an air of “pull yourself together” was adopted by many towards me. (Even though I was pulling myself together just to get out of bed or walk to the toilet!)

I was housebound for many years and tried many treatments, most of which didn’t help or made me worse. I guess most people with CFS/ME have been there! I was distraught and desperate for any help or advice.

In late 2008/early 2009 suddenly my luck changed and I not only came across a doctor who knows about CFS/ME (they are few and far between!) whom someone on a CFS/ME forum recommended to me but someone also recommended the Gupta programme to me as it had helped her during the 6 months that she had been doing it.

My doctor discovered that I was hugely Vitamin D deficient and had many food intolerances, amongst further deficiencies (like selenium). I started taking supplements which helped me (I had tried a lot of supplements before but none ever agreed with me!) and is suggested
diet helped me tremendously (cutting out gluten and milk as Gupta also suggests!) and I also started talking Vitamin D tablets which made
a huge difference as I was passing out a lot before – the heart needs Vitamin D to work properly! I had tried many diets before but none had really made any difference, I had been having severe digestive problems for years at this point and my stomach was getting better all the time now!

First seeing the doctor helped me and gave me a boost and better health. I then heard and started doing the Gupta programme a few months later and the exhaustion and tiredness already improved in the first week of me doing it! I was thrilled! It was like a fail had been lifted from my eyes and I could see the world clearly again – not like before through a mist of exhaustion where nothing had made much sense to me anymore!

For many years I did not know what was happening to my body and finally I had the answer! I knew straight away that Ashok was so right about everything and devoured his DVD series and have been a huge fan since! I started feeling better immediately. I started doing the daily meditations and the stop stop stops – a few years later the accelerator which I also found really helpful and it has been firm favourite of mine since!

I also started doing yoga after a while when I was finally well enough to give that a go! And slowly my health started to improve, I didn’t need to sleep as much anymore, I became more active and started walking more and more and slowly but surely grew stronger. I have adopted a lot of Ashoks advice into my daily routines and it still helps me!

I went from being housebound and hardly able to walk and having no friends or social life to being able to walk 30 minutes a day with no problems, doing daily yoga and riding the exercise bike with no ill effects and still having strength left over! I was so grateful to Ashok and am still am grateful to this day! I always look forward to the e-mails and any new advice he is able to give me. Everything he says is so true and helpful!

Ashok turned my life around and I have not looked back since! This programme was the best thing to ever happen to me and I have been recommending it to everyone I know who might benefit from it!

I still have some health problems due to the TMJ but it cannot be compared to the state I was in before and I have been able to go to live concerts again which had been a big part of my life and I had been missing tremendously for many years! (Even death metal ones! I know Ashok doesn’t recommend death metal, but it’s always been a favourite of mine! I can even relax to it – I think my amygdala just seems to like death metal, while it seems annoyed at classical music for some reason and cannot relax to that! LOL) and many other things that I was
not able to do before for many years because the CFS/ME was too bad – all thanks to Gupta! I don’t feel like I have CFS anymore on most days and if some slight symptoms do appear when there is a time of more stress I know what to do and they quickly disappear!

I hope to recover further and have less pain symptoms now that I have a dentist who knows about TMJ who has helped me with a bite splint.

I have become a new and dare I say it – better – person thanks to Ashok! I am a lot more relaxed, can cope with stress a lot better thanks to the Gupta programme and meditation and yoga! I never imagined myself to be doing yoga or meditation as I thought they sounded so boring and pointless and never understood why anyone would want to do them on purpose. How wrong I was, how much I had yet to learn about the health benefits related to doing these simple but effective meditation and yoga exercises!

Ashok’s webinars have also been invaluable! I learned so much and am still learning thanks to him. His advice is so useful on a daily basis, learning how to deal with “annoying” people, negative thoughts both related to symptoms but also non-symptom thoughts – I never thought about this before, and just had these thoughts and went with them, not thinking that I could do something about them and that I do not have to believe everything that the amygdala tells me!

We are all works in progress, but at least we are evolving and remember: “No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying!” (Quote by unknown).

I can only recommend this programme to everyone, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Thank you, Ashok from the bottom of my heart!

I found health again and new friends and hobbies and am looking forward to what 2014 may have in store for me! – Anonymous

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