Angeliek’s Success Story – The Gupta Program

first time taken seriously

Hi all, and ME and fibromyalgia sufferers,

My experience with the Gupta Program has so far been something to be so grateful for. It was the first approach that made me feel I have a serious condition to be looked at in a serious way and not dismissed like some depressed state or treated with some or other “easy-cure” like positive thinking or Cognitive behavior therapy. (I did all these things. I went through the mill!).

My serious following the program led me to understand many of the underlying patterns and showed me the way out. A closed-door- for many many years closed, has now been opened- after struggling with tiredness for 35 years! This is the main and greatest importance.
For everyone the ground patterns underlying the condition are different- some are cured by just following the program, others really need working with one of the coaches and for me, I have learned that I have serious trauma I can now work on with a psychologist in my own area- possibly including EMDR.

Because of the program, I became the wise one, I came to be the one who is in charge and no longer one who can be told what to do and what to think in terms of what my illness is and how I think it can best be treated. I became the director.

So much thanks to Ashok and his coaches. I worked hard, I attended 7 series of webinars and 1 workshop in London, which, by the way was a real effort for me in terms of travelling and all, but a great experience all the same.

I’m not better yet, but I know that I found the path that’s mine. Just the program wasn’t enough for me, but again, the program is my lead, the red thread to follow on a road that logically will lead me to get a better life.

I strongly recommend the program to anyone who feels stuck in a circle of tiredness, oversensitivity, chronic pain, and deep frustration for not being recognized as having something really specific to deal with. There is hope and there is a place where you will find a way out, where the door to your health and happiness will be opened!