Gupta Program for long covid

I started the Gupta Program in late February after experiencing nearly a year of long covid symptoms, namely fatigue, brain fog, muscle aches and weakness, post exertional malaise, insomnia, dysfunctional breathing, gastritis and light sensitivity leading to headaches.

Very quickly the program lifted my fatigue – within a matter of days. After a month I was able to return to work as a frontline health professional, having only been able to manage working from home prior to that.

Over the remaining months it was a matter of healing an over stimulated nervous system using the meditations and more in depth techniques that come later in the program. I now consider myself recovered from long covid and that is absolutely because of the Gupta Program.

This is my experience and it may not be the same for everyone, however I am hugely grateful I came across Gupta and was able to use it to get my health and my life back; it shows that it is possible to recover from these chronic conditions and is reason to have hope where you don’t always get much from the medical profession.

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