Alison K’s Success Story – The Gupta Program

A huge help with CFS/ME recovery.

Ashok’s theory that with CFS/ME our whole system becomes overstimulated and over-sensitive really resonates with me. He has a lot of exercises (techniques) to calm down the body and mind, many of them based on a combination of relaxation and NLP. There is a DVD programme, which I watched some years ago, when my symptoms were at their height, and through this, I became a lot better. Inevitably in the intervening years there have been “dips”, and the webinar series (I’ve done two) helped to refresh my memory, and added new material, so that I understand myself better and care for myself more. The 12 webinar sessions are recorded so that they can be downloaded and kept. The only negative is that the sound on both the webinars was a bit unreliable. Maybe Ashok should use another company! There is the possibility of being linked to a coach, but I haven’t used that option.

Ashok is very encouraging. He explains clearly why and how you should do his exercises, but is not dogmatic about peripheral issues. He does not expect course participants to subscribe to any particular religious position, but just to be committed to getting better.

If you have CFS/ME and you’re not getting better, I’d definitely recommend giving this a go. How else are you going to get out of the hole that this condition leaves you in?