The Gupta Program



The current version is in English and not yet translated. This current version consists of an
online account on the Gupta website where you can watch all the videos and an English book
that will be sent to you.

The videos that you will see if you have followed the 28-day trail belong to the current
English version. You can watch the videos in your personal online account on the Gupta

When you buy the Dutch version you do not watch the videos online on your
personal account, but instead you receive the DVD series and the book at home.
So this package is an older version of the program.

If you are able to properly follow English in the current English version, we would
strongly advise you to purchase the current English version. The current English package is up
to date and much more user-friendly. (
program / )

Are you unsure whether your English is good enough? Then sign up for the free 28-day trail to
check whether you understand everything and can follow it. ( )
In the future there will be a Dutch translation of the current English Gupta
Program book, but nothing is known yet about its publication.

If you have any questions about purchasing the program, you can email the
administration (please in English): [email protected]

Register for the Free Trial and receive access to the first 3 Sessions for 28 days.

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I want to help you recover. If you think the program will help you, you have the option to upgrade and have access to the full program.