Message Of Hope From Founder Ashok Gupta

No matter what you have been told by the Medical Profession, Support Groups or others, recovery is possible and many people go onto lead healthy fulfilling lives...and so can you! Here we bust the myths about recovery from certain chronic conditions.

These Myths Are Unfortunately Still Being Perpetuated

Busting Myths About Brain Retraining And The Gupta Program

1.Gupta Program Does Not Believe These Conditions Are Psychosomatic Or Just "In The Mind". They Are Real Physical Conditions With Real Physical Symptoms

2. Even If Other Treatments Haven't Worked Or You Have Been Ill For A Long Time, The Gupta Program Can Work For You

3. You Can Recover No Matter What Your Support Group May Say

4. Other Beliefs We Commonly See

We Understand That

  1. We Understand You Need Validation For Your Experience And May Be Traumatised From Your Past Experiences Of Having Your Condition Dismissed

2. We Understand That You May Have Been Told You Will Never Recover

3. We Understand You May Have Been Told You Cant Recover Because Your Body Has Too Much "Permanent" Damage

4. We Understand You May Have Been Told You Can Only Recover With Strict, Regimented Diets, Supplements, Routines etc

5. We Understand That You Deserve Compassion

6. We Understand That You May Have Been A Victim Of Medical Gaslighting

A Prayer To Celebrate Your Strength

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