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Making peace with any condition that brings discomfort and limitation is not an easy thing to do. However, I’ve come to acknowledge and accept that it’s far more constructive to do this rather than continuing to struggle and fight against it.  This only serves to keep us in survival mode where our bodies are constantly stressed and over sensitised.


We’re much more likely to understand the need to make this peace the more we practice self-care and self-compassion, through things like mindfulness and quiet time, pacing and intentionally slowing our activity, giving our bodies the chance to relax and remain calm.


There is much to be learnt from managing an environmental sensitivity and to do this we need to allow ourselves the chance to observe our interactions in a non-judgemental way.


We do need to look at the whole picture and not just what’s happening outside of ourselves.  It’s not about blaming what’s in the external environment that triggers symptoms and it certainly isn’t about blaming ourselves for the condition either.


Fear and blame are possibly the two biggest obstacles for someone with an environmental sensitivity and particularly for those managing electromagnetic sensitivity, mainly due to misguided perceptions and a lack of acceptance.

Blame only adds to low level emotions and feelings of frustration, anger and helplessness. We really do disempower ourselves when we place blame, so by removing it completely, we’re in a much better position to see things with an open mind and work towards solutions.


An individual can become isolated and disconnected, blaming themselves, the environment and those who don’t have the understanding or inclination to offer support. They can live in fear of being judged for having the condition, for not being able to participate as they were once able or may fear the long term effects of symptoms on their health and wellbeing.


From a collective stance, there is sometimes real fear around acknowledging a condition that might lead to further questioning and it is often the sensitive person who is blamed and discredited if this is seen as the easier option.  This happens in workplaces, in families and also in larger social settings which can lead to further isolation, difficulty and stress.

I believe this fear will gradually rescind when blame is removed and the focus shifts to the opportunities that exist with adequate recognition and support for these conditions.


A sign I recently saw in a shop window read along the lines, “We are committed to creating a healthy experience for all our customers so please avoid wearing fragrance in our store.  Thank you.”  This reminded me of the “No Smoking” signs that we’ve become so used to seeing everywhere.  Change takes time but when the benefits outweigh initial apprehension, it always leads to acceptance.


One of the ways we can increase recognition and awareness is through open conversation and confidently requesting our needs.  If we need to do things a little differently, this is perfectly ok.  If we are constantly judging ourselves for what we need, others are likely to do the same and the stigma remains.


The more we practice self-care and self-acceptance, the easier it becomes to make peace with the condition and the circumstances surrounding it.


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Andrea Weber

Andrea Weber is a freelance writer currently healing from fatigue and environmental sensitivities including electromagnetic and to a lesser extent, chemical sensitivity. Andrea shares her knowledge and insights through her written articles and blog posts to encourage and inspire people along their path to personal wellbeing.

Like many others, Andrea had tried several techniques and healing modalities prior to coming across The Gupta Program. Participating in the program has brought an increased understanding and acceptance of these conditions and Andrea is currently working her way through the course modules in conjunction with lifestyle and wellness practices such as nutrition, detoxification, tai chi, meditation, sound healing and EFT. Andrea’s recognition in the value of the program has led her to become an affiliate member in the hope of encouraging others to also join and benefit.

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