A Selection of Gupta Program Success Stories

Here are some of the many wonderful stories we have collected over the years.


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Gupta Program Dandelion

Carol West’s Success Story

worth evrey penn, really affordable, load of free stuff included within the programme

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Gupta gave me hope after getting Long Covid

The webinars have been wonderful, especially the interaction with other retrainers – to hear what have helped them and hear about their healing journey. I really appreciate that Ashok has said they’re going to be more interactive

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Gupta Program Dandelion

Nikki Leggett’s Success Story

4 months ago I couldn’t get out of bed. Today I have recovered by 80%. I now take our dog out for a few miles walk each day and can engage in my family life and have gone back to work a few hours a week. x

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Gupta Program Dandelion

Melinda Grogan’s Success Story

In March 2020, I got Covid and ended up with Long Covid. My “engine” seemed to almost quit running at all…I became bedridden. My search for health now felt my life depended on it. Then I found the Gupta Program. Now I know why these chronic disabilities have lingered for decades and, most important, how to ease my way out of them…I am finally healing.

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Gupta Program Dandelion

Diana’s Success Story

This program has exceeded my expectations in terms of achieving holistic healing. Ever since starting it 4 months ago I experienced a leap in my spiritual, emotional, mental& physical health.

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Gupta Program Dandelion

Valerie’s Success Story

The book and the webinars are informative and easy to follow. The twelve-week virtual sessions with Ashok have been instrumental and a real lifeline, humanizing a journey that can sometimes feel isolating. Ashok is kind and compassionate. The addition of retrainer testimonials during the sessions has been truly uplifting.

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Gupta Program Dandelion

Shelia’s Success Story

When I heard about the Gupta Program and read the explanation of the condition, I felt great relief as this was the first explanation that made complete sense to me and gave me hope. I signed up immediately and stayed with it through some other health issues.

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Gupta Program Dandelion

MBruce’s Success Story

The Gupta Program provided education about my condition, tools to use, various forms of support, and community.

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Gupta Program Dandelion

Vickie’s Success Story

Ashok is such a compassionate, genuine person, who seems to truly care about everyone.

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Gupta Program Dandelion

Lucy Lucy’s Success Story

This Webinar helped me so much

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Our Ground-Breaking Study on the Gupta Program Published In The Prestigious Journal of Clinical Medicine

Giving Hope To Millions of Fibromyalgia Sufferers, as the First Randomized Controlled Trial Ever Published on a Neuroplasticity Program!

It is estimated that at least 2% to 5% of the population suffer from this complex pain condition in some form, and until now there has been a lack of effective treatments. The novel Neuroplasticity program known as “Amygdala and Insula Retraining” was combined with Mindfulness to create 'MAIR', also known as the Gupta Program, and was tested for 8 weeks against a control group engaging in an equivalent amount of relaxation techniques.

The results found that after just an 8 week intervention, the MAIR group had significantly greater reductions in symptoms and pain, and increases in overall health, compared to the control group:


How We Can Help You Get Your Life Back From The Condition

Get Immediate Access To Revolutionary Neuroplasticity Techniques Personally designed by Ashok, based on his 20 plus years of experience and research. PLUS a free 12- Week Webinar Series.


An Online Neuroplasticity 'Brain Retraining' Program

15 Brand new interactive video sessions online hot in the stunning mountains of Switzerland. 


The Latest Scientifically-Backed Holistic Advice

On topics such as diet, sleep, nutrition, mindfulness and pacing


12 Weeks of Group Coaching Webinars directly with Ashok

Get motivation & support throughout every step of your healing journey and have your questions answered directly by Ashok.



An Extensive Collection of Supporting Materials

You will receive a Manual and Mind Map in the post. Online there are numerous supporting audio exercises and meditations. These easy to access resources will help deepen your recovery further.


WorldWide Gupta Program Coaches

Access to trained Gupta Program Coaches to tailor the program to your needs


A Positive Online Healing Community

Full of like-minded individuals dedicated to health to help to support you through your recovery


Regular Newsletters Updating With New Information

We send regular newsletters to members that contain the latest healing content.


Optional USB Flash Drive

Containing all the Videos, Meditations and Audio Exercises that you can play without the need for an internet connection, and that you can keep forever.


Money-Back Guarantee 

We offer a one-year Money-Back Guarantee for your peace of mind, no questions asked.

Get a 12-Week Webinar Series Included in your Gupta Program v5.0 Purchase Today

When you invest in the Gupta Program v5.0, not only get immediate access to the revolutionary neuroplasticity and holistic health system, you also receive a free 12- Week Webinar Series (worth $119).


Gupta Program Mini Course


Sign up to access our first 3 sessions for free including videos about how to recover and access to our Member's Area.

Over the next 28 days get a sneak-peek into the revolutionary techniques of the Gupta Program, and learn the science behind how the expertly crafted combination of neuroplasticity & lifestyle changes can help support your healing.

If you then go on to invest in full membership you will be granted access to a 12-Week webinar series as part of your purchase.


Subscription to the Online Course + Manual + 12 Week Coaching Webinar Series


You will receive all of the following:

  • 15 Interactive Video Sessions online shot in the stunning mountains of Switzerland
  • Numerous Audio Exercises and Meditations
  • 12 Weeks of Coaching Webinars directly with Ashok, and you can ask questions
  • Accompanying Manual and Floor Chart sent in the post
  • Direct access to our healing private Facebook group
  • Regular newsletters updating with new information
  • A full one-year Money-Back Guarantee

Subscription to the Online Course + Manual + 12 Week Coaching Webinar Series + USB


Get everything that is included in the standard package PLUS a USB drive which contains all the Videos, Meditations and Audio Exercises that you can play without the need for an internet connection, and that you can keep forever. 

This option is particularly useful if you don't want to rely on internet access to use the Program or if you have Electrical Sensitivities. 



We Offer A One-Year Money-Back Guarantee For Your Peace of Mind

If you notice no improvement after using the program for 6 months, you can return it for a refund, no questions asked.

We are so convinced that you will benefit if you commit to our program, that you have up to a year to trial the amazing brain retraining exercises, and you can return the program if it does not benefit you.

Therefore you have nothing to lose by seeing if this approach works for you and brings you the healing that you deserve. Thousands before you have taken this path!