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    Often times you run out of ideas what you could do when energy is low but you are also kind of bored. Watching Netflix or Youtube is okay and also a blessing but not for longer period of time. And you can‘t read or meditate the whole day. You know what I mean. 😅

    I thought maybe we could make a collection of easy and relaxing things to do when energy is limited.

    I start with

    – Create a place very close to a window and watch the outside (get help if needed)

    – Choose a very small space referring to your energy level and clean it (for me cleaning things is very rewarding)

    – make a list of everything that you‘re able to do like „I can brush my theeth, I can put on cloathing, I can eat, I can cut vegetables, I can work with my computer…“

    – Make a list of everything that you actually did today (often times we forget what we are really cabable of because we only think of the things we can‘t do)

    I‘d love to see your ideas. 💚


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    Very good ideas, thank you 💜. Especially to consider, what we actually can do. For me its easy to forget in these stages.

    – I like to listen to a audiobook or podcast.

    – just listen to some relaxing or uplifting music and focus on my breathing

    – whatching the birds in my garden

    – whatch and cuddle my dog

    – whatching nature in general

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    Great ideas!

    One thing I have been liking lately is letting my children read to me. They are 7 and have just learned to read. It fills both our buckets, keeps them caught up on their reading ‘homework’ and takes less energy than reading to them!

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      This is such a nice idea 😊

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    Great idea! 😊

    • feel the sensation of a fan on my skin

    • close eyes and envision myself in a faraway place

    • hold a soft blanket against my hand

    • listen to comforting spiritual music

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