We Are Dedicated To Supporting You On Your Journey From Fibromyalgia & Pain Syndromes To Health And Happiness. 

How To Use This Bonus Content

We have set up a dedicated page for the Condition to explore some of the issues related to Fibromyalgia & Pain Syndromes and Brain Retraining specifically for our Retrainers.

Please note the main Retraining information is found in the 15 video modules, the workbook and the 12- Week Webinar Series.

Therefore, this page and content is an optional extra to the core Retraining information. The duration of each video is usually a few mins or less, and is always available as long as you retain your website membership. We encourage you to watch it  at your own leisure in a paced, relaxed way.

Please check back regularly for more content that we will upload!

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