Medical Research

The Gupta Program is committed to an evidence-based approach for treating chronic conditions. Over the last 20 years, various research studies have been conducted to test the program’s effectiveness, including two independent randomized controlled trials—the gold standard methodology used in scientific and medical research. Each study has demonstrated that The Gupta Program is highly effective in treating chronic conditions.

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Currently, an independent randomized controlled trial is underway to evaluate the effectiveness of The Gupta Program for treating “long haul” COVID. Additionally, other independent phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials will soon launch, testing The Gupta Program against other possible treatments for ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, MCS/Mold Illness and long haul COVID.

Future Research & Partnerships

The current and past research has been highly informative and encouraging. Still, more research is needed to build an ongoing and growing body of scientific evidence that can inform the medical community and provide a safe and viable treatment for chronic condition patients.

If you would like to be a partner in our research efforts or conduct an independent randomized controlled trial testing The Gupta Program’s effectiveness for a chronic condition, please contact our Clinical Research Director, Alex Bratty.

Meet the Research Team

Clinical Research Director

Alex Bratty is a psychologist with over 20 years of research experience. From management at a Fortune 100 company to partner at one of the most prestigious research firms in the U.S. and founder of her own research consulting company. She has conducted hundreds of quantitative and qualitative studies, including randomized controlled trials. Alex joined the team after using The Gupta Program to recover from chronic conditions in just a few months. She brings a wealth of expertise and is passionate about developing opportunities for the program to be independently tested for its effectiveness.

Contact Alex if you’re interested in conducting a phase 2 or phase 3 trial.


Elizabeth (Liz) Quail

Liz is a proud and successful Gupta Retrainer from the U.S. She lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with her husband Brian, who is a non-profit executive, and her daughter Chloe, who is also a Gupta Retrainer. Liz has a background in non-profit fundraising and is a partner in an educational company. She is well on her way to a full recovery from POTS and CFS with the help of The Gupta Program and was inspired by Ashok’s vision and her success to help others through The Gupta Program’s mission, which is to create a new and foundational branch of neuroplasticity-based medicine. She is excited to help spread the seeds of growth with his research team.

Elizabeth (Liz) Quail

Regan Dow

Regan is a Canadian nuclear engineer with experience in nuclear facility design and nuclear environmental remediation. After an 11-year struggle with fibromyalgia and various treatments, Regan found lasting relief through The Gupta Program. In gratitude, and in the hope that it will help others find relief from suffering, Regan supports The Gupta program by bringing her many years of research and data analysis expertise to the team.

Regan Dow

Oana Petre

Oana is a Romanian pharmacist and a Gupta retrainer. Her health journey has taken her through numerous and diverse healing modalities, thus gaining a deeper and wider understanding of how to address the body and mind dysregulations. Seeing the effectiveness but also the limits of a traditional medicine approach, Oana is very passionate about complementing classic approaches with neuroplasticity and functional medicine. These experiences have led her to support the Gupta Program in becoming a well-known tool for restoring health.

Oana Petre

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