The Gupta Program is a friendly easy-to-use online neuroplasticity or "limbic retraining" and holistic health course, to support the healing of many chronic conditions. The course is mainly online, with a supporting manual and floor-chart sent in the post. You also will have weekly webinars directly with Ashok, so you can ask questions, and receive support & accountability.

We are a Professional Global Clinic with Practitioners and Coaches all over the world. We were first established in 2001, and specialize in treating disorders such as ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, MCS, SIBO, IBS as well as other associated conditions

What Sets Us Apart From Other Programs

We are the first and original neuroplasticity or "limbic retraining" program with over 20 years of experience.


Paced & Compassionate Approach

We fully support and implement a caring, compassionate, and paced approach to healing versus a strict, regimented approach.


The Only Neuroplasticity Program That Has Published A Randomized Controlled Trial, Scientifically Proving Its Efficacy!

We are the only program that has a Randomized Controlled trial showing that is an effective treatment compared to a control group.


The Gupta Program Will Teach You Not Only How To Get Well...But Stay Well

We go deeper into the reasons why someone gets ill in the first place, and encourage long term strategies to stay well.


We Combine Revolutionary Neuroplasticity Techniques With Holistic Health Practises

We have a holistic approach to support brain retraining, which includes strategies for sleep, diet, pacing, sunlight, mindfulness and more.


Private and exclusive 12 weekly group coaching webinars directly with Ashok Gupta

To support your process, healing journey and answer your questions personally.


We Recognise That Our Patients May Have A History Of Trauma

We appreciate that patients may have experienced past trauma, and compassionately offer strategies to support healin.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside Our Video Modules

  • Session 1: How to Use This Program

  • Session 2: Introduction to Meditation

  • Session 3: Explanation of The Condition

  • Session 4: Getting Ready to Retrain the Brain

  • Session 5: The Main 7-Step Brain Retraining Technique

  • Session 6: The Main 7 Attitudes for Success

  • Session 7: Relaxing the Nervous System- Pacing, Diet, Sleep and Getting Into Nature

  • Session 8: The Gupta Program Accelerator Technique

  • Session 9: Mindfulness and Pacing

  • Session 10: Re-engaging With Joy & Summary Of The Tools

  • Session 11: Retraining Our Parts for Self-Love

  • Session 12: Retraining Our Protector Parts

  • Section 13: Integration of Parts for Health & Happiness

  • Session 14: Handling People and Situations: The New Groove Technique

  • Session 15: Getting Back into Normal Life for Health and Happiness

Here's How To Get Instant Access Right Now

There are two exciting options for becoming a full member of the Gupta Program:

When you invest in the Gupta Program v5.0, not only get immediate access to the revolutionary neuroplasticity and holistic health system, you also receive a free 12- Week Webinar Series (worth $119)


Subscription to the Online Course + Manual + 12 Week Coaching Webinar Series


You will receive all of the following:

  • 15 Interactive Video Sessions online shot in the stunning mountains of Switzerland
  • Numerous Audio Exercises and Meditations
  • 12 Weeks of Coaching Webinars directly with Ashok, and you can ask questions
  • Accompanying Manual and Floor Chart sent in the post
  • Direct access to our healing private Facebook group
  • Regular newsletters updating with new information
  • A one-year Money-Back Guarantee

Your investment today is only $349 USD (approx 300 Euros) for the 1st year and optional $50 for subsequent years


Subscription to the Online Course, + Manual, + 12 Week Coaching Webinar Series + USB Drive


Get everything that is included in the standard package PLUS a USB drive which contains all the Videos, Meditations and Audio Exercises that you can play without the need for an internet connection, and that you can keep forever. 

(Please note that the videos and audios on the USB are not downloadable from the USB).

This option is particularly useful if you don't want to rely on internet access to use the Program or if you have Electrical Sensitivities. 

Your investment today is only $449 USD (approx 380 Euros) for the 1st year and an optional $50 for subsequent years.

Start Your Journey Towards Health and Happiness Today!

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Jacqueline's success story


So Ashok, I can't thank you enough for helping me to get my physical and mental health back. I'm happier, and healthier than before. This year, I'm going to be 50 but I really feel like 35! I can run again! I run 3 times per week and I walk 10000 steps every day.



I've now managed a recovery to get back to working part-time and enjoying a good social life, and walks in the countryside with my dog and wife. So, I'm overjoyed to have achieved this, and I feel now that I have the tools to make a full recovery.



It changed my life and I was able to walk across a whole country with my horse. So I will be forever grateful to the Gupta Program.

We Offer A One-Year Money-Back Guarantee For Your Peace Of Mind

If you notice no improvement after using the program for 6 months, you can return it for a refund, no questions asked.

We are so convinced that you will benefit if you commit to our program, that you have up to a year to trial the amazing brain retraining exercises, and you can return the program if it does not benefit you.

Therefore you have nothing to lose by seeing if this approach works for you and brings you the healing that you deserve. Thousands before you have taken this path!

Ashok Gupta has appeared in several media as an expert on stress including
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