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I’m no doctor but one thing I do know is that people with environmental sensitivities have a highly sensitised nervous system that can easily become overstimulated and overwhelmed with much less input than the average person.


Minimising stressors in our environment in essential, especially in the beginning stages of healing.  If our body is continuously dealing with symptom management, there’s little room for the restorative rest and recovery that’s needed.


So what do we do though, when we’ve already done this?  We’ve cleaned our environments and done all the things we possibly can to create a low eme, low chemical, no mould home and also reduced additional sensory stressors such as lighting and noise.  We’ve created a much healthier home environment which may, in itself, be enough for some but all too often this is just the start of what needs to be done.


One of the things I love about The Gupta Program is that it provides a well-rounded holistic approach that helps identify and work towards calming overstimulation of the nervous system. Ashok points out very clearly that this is a physiological issue in how the body and brain can become stuck in a loop of highly sensitised reactivity to stimuli in the environment.


While there are still many unanswered questions around what exactly makes one person more sensitive than another, there’s still a lot we can do to support ourselves in the meantime and this is where programs like Gupta are a great asset to have.


We aren’t alone in our struggles.  There are thousands of environmentally sensitive people around the world and it’s inspiring to hear their stories, although it’s important to realise that everyone is different and we have to work through the program at our own pace.


I know that my own nerves were completely frazzled from trying to do everything all the time and a hundred things at once.  My sense of achievement was getting it all done all the time!  I felt like I’d ‘dropped the ball’ or ‘let things go’ if this didn’t happen.


For example, if we were travelling away for the day, I’d try and pack in as much as I could just because we were going to a certain location and so many other things could be done along the way. What this meant though, was that we were constantly rushing to fit everything in before coming home absolutely exhausted.


I’m sure many can relate to a build up of stress when getting ready to leave the house on time.  When we finally sit in the car we can actually take a breath but by this stage our heart rate is up and our nervous system is probably in survival mode already.


I’m by no means suggesting that these things cause the sensitivity or that if we change these habits that the sensitivity will magically disappear.  What I have noticed though, is that it can make a difference to the intensity of our responses and this is important for our healing.


I now focus on allowing time to really enjoy things and creating calm rather than extra stress.  If we can recognise and change some of these everyday things, we are doing our nervous system a huge favour and helping the sensitivity in the process.


Andrea’s recognition in the value of the Gupta Program has led her to become an affiliate member in the hope of encouraging others to also join and benefit. To receive $50 off the Gupta Program please follow Andrea's affiliate link here and enter the codeword EXPANSIVE at the checkout.

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Andrea Weber

Andrea Weber is a freelance writer currently healing from fatigue and environmental sensitivities including electromagnetic and to a lesser extent, chemical sensitivity. Andrea shares her knowledge and insights through her written articles and blog posts to encourage and inspire people along their path to personal wellbeing.

Like many others, Andrea had tried several techniques and healing modalities prior to coming across The Gupta Program. Participating in the program has brought an increased understanding and acceptance of these conditions and Andrea is currently working her way through the course modules in conjunction with lifestyle and wellness practices such as nutrition, detoxification, tai chi, meditation, sound healing and EFT. Andrea’s recognition in the value of the program has led her to become an affiliate member in the hope of encouraging others to also join and benefit.

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