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Anxiety Is Characterised By

Anxiety is a normal emotion. When facing a potential harmful trigger, anxiety is not only normal but necessary for survival.

However, it is when an individual regularly experiences disproportionate levels of anxiety - such as excessive, persistent intense fear, worry, apprehension about day to day situations- it can become an anxiety disorder.

Symptoms can include:

fast heart rate
rapid breathing
increased irritability
restlessness, or feeling “on-edge”
concentration difficulties
trouble with sleep, including problems in falling or staying asleep

What Causes Anxiety Disorders?

Generally, it is believed that there are many parts of the brain involved in anxiety, but a central component of the response is the amygdala. I believe that anxiety is caused by an interplay of several brain structures: specifically, the “Amygdala”, the “Insula” and the “Hippocampus”. Of all of these, it is the amygdala that finally stimulates the fight or flight response, or the stress response. In our model of the brain, the amygdala can get stuck in a state of hyperarousal, which can cause anxiety, emotional reactivity, and eventually even lead to depression.

insula amygdala

It seems that these parts of the brain may get stuck in a chronic state of hyper-arousal, causing the symptoms of anxiety. The stress hormones and neurotransmitters are known to increase emotional lability and feelings of vulnerability. This causes a wide variety of added psychiatric complaints and further learned fears, especially depression and sometimes agoraphobia. Your amygdala is deliberately trying to make you feel anxious, as it is trying to warn you of danger.

Emotional Lability, Anxiety and Depression

The stress hormones and neurotransmitters are known to increase emotional lability and feelings of vulnerability. This causes a wide variety of added psychiatric complaints and further learned fears, especially depression and sometimes agoraphobia. Your amygdala is deliberately trying to make you feel anxious, as it is trying to warn you of danger.

Susceptibility to Stress

The long-term arousal of the amygdala means that stress hormone release can become poorly controlled. Therefore, external events which have little to do with bodily symptoms make you feel far more stressed than normal. You may perceive the world as more dangerous than it actually is, and this is made worse by the fear of increased symptoms because of stress.

Panic Attacks

Many patients become prone to panic attacks, which are known to be mediated by the amygdala. Prolonged worry may mean that the amygdala becomes trigger happy, triggering at the slightest negative signal from the body.

It may detect certain bodily changes such as blood pressure increasing as a result of an external event, it prepares for a panic attack, and hence this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: The amygdala and the conscious mind fear a panic attack coming on, and this in itself initiates it.

In general, if you experience increased external stress, this makes the symptoms even worse. This is because the stressful events impact on an already fatigued and sensitized mind and body.

Inability To Feel Enjoyment 

In some patients, changes may occur in the brain’s opioid system. This system becomes hyperactive. This gives the feeling of numbness, and other psychological symptoms including “anhedonia” (the inability to feel pleasure), and a sense of being cut off from life.

This Amygdala and Insula hypothesis serves as a potential unifying model for the various observations in patients. You can find out more below.

I Also Suffered From Extreme Anxiety So I Know What It Feels Like


I personally suffered from ME/CFS for around 3 years, and in association with the condition, I also experienced extreme anxiety. I am since 100% recovered and lead a full and active life. The good news is that it is possible to recover from anxiety, and many people have used the Gupta Program to do so.

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Thanks to all of the help & support; my life is getting more and more enjoyable – I have applied myself to a project over the last 5 months, that has turned into a business, I have secured a grant and I am launching my business in two weeks! It’s great to be in control of my own journey … not to have to worry about anything, knowing that I can do it … at my pace 🙂

You Deserve Health


Some professionals, and doctors might tell you that you cannot recover. This can make us feel dejected, pessimistic. Sometimes we can feel angry because some doctors just seem to dismiss what we are saying. Now luckily not all doctors are like this. When I was unwell, some doctors even thought I was just making it all up in my head. But of course, we all know this is a real physical condition.

I believe that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves from this condition. And this is my inspiration to you today. That however bad the condition feels, however isolating it may be, however down you might feel, you can recover from this condition and get your life back. Many before you have taken this path to health, and so can you.


A Happy Client

Truly Helpful!

Been suffering for many years and have finally found a programme that actually works for me. I sleep better, am less anxious, don't have CFS anymore and have a much better outlook on life. It is an amazing programme.

What Are the Chances I Can Recover?

I’ve created The Gupta Program to be a complete healing system for these conditions. And I call these conditions “Neuro-Immune Conditioned Syndromes” or NICS. These include ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Electrical Hypersensitivity, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, MCAS as well as many other related conditions. And this program is based on my last 20 years of my research and working with thousands of patients all over the world.

Now I know that it can be hard sometimes to know where to turn when you’ve been diagnosed with this condition. I also went from doctor to doctor trying to get an explanation. And some of the patient forums can be very negative about recovery. I think this is just because they can be skewed towards people who haven’t managed to get better yet. 

But the good news is that in fact, many people do recover, they do get better and I truly believe that you can get better too.



Most powerful techniques ever~

Ashok is a genius, this program works. I have tried many types of programs over the last 30 years and find Gupta Program to be the most comprehensive and powerful techniques I have ever used. Do not wait, sign up now to see what it will do for you.

How Can I Recover From Anxiety, Panic & Burnout?

Our highly successful and well known international Workshops, Home Study courses and Webinar series, have helped hundreds of people all over the world recover from chronic illnesses.


This brain retraining program has inspiration drawn from many areas of coaching and therapy, including NLP, Meditation, Timeline Therapy, Breathwork, Parts therapy, Visualization, Inner-Child work, Holistic Health Practices and many more. We fit these tools under the banner of "Amygdala and Insula Retraining", or AIR Techniques.

The treatment involves a series of brain retraining exercises designed to “retrain the Amygdala & Insula” and other parts of the brain that are stuck in a state of hyper-arousal. The brain is not fixed in its responses, it can be rewired. Neuroscientists call this “Neuroplasticity” and it is one of the hottest topics in science at the moment.

In addition, we couple these techniques together with holistic health practices such as Pacing, Sleep, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Relaxation etc to honor the whole mind. body and soul within the journey to health and happiness.

Our program is friendly, gentle, customizable and expert-designed & delivered for those with chronic illness.

Buy It, Try It, Apply It. You’re Backed By Our Money Back Guarantee


The Gupta Program is so confident in its ability to support your healing that we are offering you a one-year money-back guarantee, that if you notice no improvement after 6 months of using the program, you get a refund, no questions asked. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by giving the program a chance, and to start your journey towards health and happiness!


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Well this programme was a bit of an eye-opener as to just how stressed I was. Unlike most of the 'you need to be less stressed' good advice that never tells you how, this programme provides tools that actually work. I really liked the webinar option as it helped keep me going.

Real Retrainers. Real Stories. Real Recovery.

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