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Our fourth 2 year Gupta Program Coach Training starts in September 2021.

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It Is More Than Just Training...

We are delighted to be offering a 2-year Training to become a ´Gupta Program Coach´, and there is a real demand from our clients for more coaches at the moment. This course is more than just a training. You start on a personal journey that deepens your understanding in healing yourself and assist others in their healing. An important part is self-experience and bonding with your fellow Trainees. The training will unfold the core of the issues that are important in healing; first in your own life and then in working with others.  Following the Gupta Program ourselves made us deeply aware of what is needed for people with chronic illnesses. We made the Training flexible so you can design your own tempo to follow most of the parts of the Training, determined by your background and capacity to learn.

If you are interested in joining the 3 levels Training you can have a 20 minute chat with Fenna or France to pose questions and together we can explore if this Training fits into your life. You can contact Fenna at or Frances at to arrange this 20 minute chat

Ashok Gupta

Clinic Director

Being a coach is a great way of learning more about yourself and consolidating your own journey, as well as a rewarding way of giving back! It is a rich journey of self-fulfilment.

The 3 Levels Of Coaching

We have divided the program into 3 Levels to cover a range of levels of development as a Gupta coach depending on where you wish to take it, and to what standard you are committed to developing in this work.


Gupta Coach Introductory Training:

3 Day Workshop in London, September 10th –13th 2021 (online if COVID regulation decides).

man holding phone in garden

Level 2:

2. Level 2: 12 Months Training to Become an Official Gupta Program Coach Intern, mid-Nov 2021 - mid-Nov 2022


Level 3:

Level 3: 12 months Training to become an Official Gupta Program Coach with listing on the website (please note that the Gupta Program takes 10% of client fees for being on the website), dates TBC

Description of The 3 Levels of Training

Level 1: Gupta Coach Introductory Training: 3 Day Workshop in London 10-13th September 2021 (or online)

The 3-day Workshop in London is the first step in becoming an official Gupta Program Coach. The workshop is also designed for everyone who wants to use the tools for themselves and with others (not clients), but may not necessarily want to become an official Gupta Program Coach. After following this workshop you will be a local spokesman for the programme and able to give retrainers some basic support in the form of advice, You will not be eligible to work on a process of healing with a client.

If you are a coach already working with clients you can do a session with Fenna or Frances after Level 1 to discuss if you can use the Program with clients.

After completing Level 1 you will:

  1. Be able to advise a person in using the Book, the Techniques used in the Gupta Program and improve your own use of the Program.
  2. Be able to say that you’ve attended an Introductory Gupta Program Coach Training.
  3. You can use your experience with the Gupta Program locally but you cannot be mentioned on the official international Website of the Gupta Program. Nor can you ask money for your advice.

Pay your deposit for Level 1, and the rest is due at least 28 days before the training starts to secure your place.

The deposit for Level 1 is $245.00 GBP which is approximately $346.00 (USD).

The cost of Level 1 training is £695 (about $960), but if you book before 31st May is, there is an early bird discount of £645 (about $898).

Content of Workshop

-How to support clients with the techniques of the Gupta Program in their recovery from chronic illness
-Awareness of your own internal state in using the tools of the Program

-Understanding healthy and supportive relationships when working on healing

-How to advertise and spread the Gupta Program locally with interviews, writing, and information.

-The difference between a coach, counsellor and therapist

-Explanation of the Levels 2 and 3 and answering any questions about it

Requirements To Attend The Workshop

ouple using tablet computer

-You have followed the entire Gupta Program 

-You have followed a webinar series

-You have done at least one session with a qualified Gupta Program Coach

-You have filled in the questionnaire

-You have paid for attending the workshop

Pay your deposit for Level 1, and the rest is due at least 28 days before the training starts to secure your place.

The deposit for Level 1 is 245.00 GBP which is approximately $346.00 (USD).

The cost of Level 1 training is £695 (about $960), but if you book before 31st May is, there is an early bird discount of £645 (about $898).


Frances Goddall

Coach Supervisor and Trainer

Being a Gupta Coach for over a decade now has been such an important part of my professional life, since my own journey of recovery from CFS. I'm so grateful to Ashok and all he has created to support others to heal from chronic illness, and to the team of coaches, who are all wonderful! Join the family of skilled coaches in this training programme that offers you deep personal growth, as well as skills to competently and confidently set up a professional practice, and a fabulous community of Gupta Coaches to work alongside.

Level 2: 8 Months Training to Become an Official Gupta Program Coach Intern

(Amount of Supervision will vary according to your existing levels of qualifications & experience)

A Look At Some Of The Aspects We Will Cover

A review of learnings from the workshop weekend: for your own process and that of your clients

How to structure a session: choice of themes, pacing a session, rounding up a session safely

Gupta toolkit

Learning the basic Structures of Coaching

Positive language and your own attitude towards your client: verbally, energy wise, speech etc.

Practitioner self-care: You will receive a set of meditations on awareness of your self-care working posture, attitude to yourself, re-balance yourself, overwhelm, emotional reactivity etc.

How you support a client in recognising how the identity of illness and related thoughts feed into the illness cycles and perpetuate the illness

We will open up the theory of transference, counter transference and projections in your sessions, and related issues for you with your past.

The quality of your visualisations, meditations, mind map and accelerator guidance and how you give form to those techniques

How you practice a ‘holding’: creating a safe space for a client

How do you guide the clients through the chapters of the the Amygdala Retraining Book, including how you combine the exercise lists from the book into the process on the mind map and the accelerator

How you use your creativity on the mind map

How do you choose what to focus on and follow up on, in terms of issues the client has

How you listen to the client’s words and process, and link back to where their thoughts and beliefs stem from

Your own self-care and energy hygiene

Working with Parts.

There will be homework and reading requirement

8 Supervision Sessions

8 supervision sessions of which 6 recorded client video-sessions you hand in for supervision. We will teach and work on aspects such as developing experience and knowledge towards yourself, your clients, the coaching relationship and the tools you learn to use. You will learn to develop ownership in the Structures of Coaching.

Requirements To Continue Level 2 (Which Can Run In Parallel To Training)

Minimum of 80% recovery (if not sure: ask for a session with Frances or Fenna).

NLP practitioner Training (1 year) or an equivalent from a renowned institution. You have gained a Practitioner Certificate. Or you have worked as a coach or therapist in another related discipline for at least a year and you have proof from a supervisor on your functioning. The team will decide if your qualifications and experience are up standard. Please send in all the necessary information.

During stage 2 we recommend to participate in any of the following courses: mindfulness, meditation, breathing course from the Art of Living.

You have followed Level 1 and received the Certificate.

3 – 5 Private Sessions

At least three to five private sessions on your own process with a Gupta coach. Starting with two session with the Supervisors: one with Fenna and one with Frances, and then we’ll review. It’s up to the supervisors to suggest how you continue. For instance, suggesting more sessions with Fenna, Frances or another certified Gupta Coach. This depends on the awareness of the role your own process plays in your working with clients, your awareness on using the techniques of the Gupta Program with yourself and/or other personal issues in your process. The costs for extra sessions are paid by the Trainee.

Buddy-Groups (For Level 2 and Level 3)

We will support the development of resilient small peer supervision groups for support in the process and learning the rules of safety in a peer supervision group. You will come together every week to do homework and experiential exercises, discuss themes and answer questions and do sessions together. Discuss books and video´s. And work on your Year Book together.

Requirements for certification and Year Book. (for Level 2 and Level 3)

You will write all your experiences, homework questions and other related subjects in your Year Book Level 2 that you send in at the end of your Training Period to your supervisors. This will be important for your certification. Also your feedback forms, visualizations and other items you will hear as you go along the Training count for your certification.

Social Media (For Level 2 and Level 3)

We will support the Trainees in developing their skills to promote the Gupta Program in a larger field. Ashok will give a lecture on the new Program and teach how to present yourself and the program on the social media to start your own practice as soon as you have your Certification Level 3.

*Note: If you are already an experienced coach or therapist we may decide you are ready for certification before completing all the supervision hours or other requirements that are listed above, which means the cost might be less.

Practical information

  • Start: Mid-November 2021
  • Trainers: Fenna van der Vijver and Frances Goodall
  • Time schedule: 12 months
  • Workload: 12 - 15 hours every week. Weekly Buddy get together
  • You will receive: Level 2 certificate of being an Official Level 2 Gupta Coach. Level 2 gives a Certification that gives you the possibility to use the Gupta Program in your own region and own practice.
  • You will not be on the Gupta Program website. On your own website, you can name yourself a Level 2 Gupta Program Coach.To be a Certified Gupta Program Coach and be eligible to have your name on the website you have to finish Level 3 also.
  • Costs: Approx $2815 (cost is spread out throughout the year with supervision sessions and group sessions paid as you progress throughout the course). 
  • Extensive Information on Level 2 and 3 you will receive separately if you are interested in this Training. 
  • As you move through your Level 2 Training we will suggest you can start charging a ‘student rate’ fees for your coaching services.

Level 3: 8 months Training To Become An Official Gupta Program Coach 

(With your listing on the website)

A Look At Some Of The Aspects We Will Cover

9 Monthly online Group Supervision sessions with the Supervisors. (same as Level 2)

Deep self-care to support your work as a coach. Development of different ´holding´ techniques. Developing long term resilience in yourself.

Awareness of your ways of dealing with acceptance/surrender.

Transference/counter-transference: recognition of these themes in working with a client and yourself and learning techniques to deal with them.

Deeper Body awareness of your clients and yourself and teaching techniques to develop this awareness.

Blind spots and projections in action in your own attitude and in your client.

Creativity on the mind map: more advances with the Work of Byron Katie and compassionate language

Learning to start a project in your area with clients for an Introduction in the Gupta Program.

How to grow from psychological issues on the mind map towards spiritual issues.

Education around on what trauma is and how to spot it (also reflecting on your own trauma). Learning Rescripting and Empty Chair technique to guide trauma.

Developing long term resilience for your clients.

Personal hygiene, movement, food, light therapy, social activities, goals in life, joy etc.

Marketing (website, newsletters, social media, writing articles, organise interviews, webinars/workshops, creating resources etc).

When to refer out and collaborating with a psychotherapist or highly experienced coach for ´duo-coaching´ if necessary. Explanation on Duo coaching for dealing with underlying trauma. Working together with a psychotherapist or coach that is trained to work with trauma. Awareness of your professional boundaries by knowing how to use the DSM5 structure.

Requirements To Continue Stage 3

You have accomplished all the appointments/homework assignments in writing that were requested in level 2.

During stage 2 you participate in any of the following other courses: mindfulness, meditation, breathing course from the Art of Living.

3 – 5 Private Sessions With a Supervisor and Gupta Coach.

For insight on your own trauma/history/patterns/functioning/blind spots/projections/counter transference. Fenna and Frances will discuss with you how many sessions you will need in their view. Costs for extra sessions are paid for by the Trainee

For the other items see Level 2.

Practical information

  • Trainers/supervisors: Fenna van der Vijver, Frances Goodall
  • Time schedule: 10 – 12 months
  • Workload: 12 - 15  hours every week. Weekly Buddy get together
  • Approx $2815 (cost is spread out throughout the year with supervision sessions and group sessions paid as you progress throughout the course). When the group is smaller than 5 persons we have to raise the price.
  • Same prices for Group Supervision and individual supervision as Level 2, unless the group size falls below 6 and we will raise the fees for the Group Supervision sessions .
  • Level 3 certificate as Certified Gupta Program Coach and a profile on the international website (please note that the Gupta Program takes 10% of client fees for being on the website)
  • Extensive Information on Level 2 and 3 you will receive separately if you are interested in this Training. 
  • As you move through your Level 3 Training we will suggest you can increase the ‘student rate’ fees for your coaching services according to the prices in your country. Usually starting at 60 % of the average country fee at the start of Level 3.

Your First Year As Official Gupta Coach

After committing to Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 and having your name on the international website you oblige yourself for 1 year of 6 group/private supervision sessions with the Supervisors following the year of your certification. The themes in that year will be chosen by the supervisees.

As a team, we also commit to yearly learning obligations: 6 hours minimal of training courses, workshops or reading. And to continue to keep having ongoing supervision and individual sessions. We invite you to express yourself in the monthly meetings online with a short lecture or workshop.

Your Supervisors


Fenna van der Vijver

I work as a body-oriented trauma psychotherapist in my own practice since 1990 (certified at the Free University, Amsterdam, Netherlands) and also as a Gupta Program Coach since 2008 and developed the Gupta Program Coach Training where my role is Trainer and Supervisor.

Since last year I do not take on any new clients but I do continue to work with the clients I know and those that come back for a deepening of their process.

I have been working with the quantum physics laws in groups since the beginning of 2018 and I followed the Masterclass of Lynne McTaggart in intention sending this year. I think Intention sending has an important future for the world and especially for persons with chronic illnesses that are misunderstood often in regular medicine. My goal is to start this year with ´Power of 8 groups for intention sending´ for clients with chronic illnesses. Research shows such positive results!

I myself had CFS for 11 years and therefore I understand the process of chronic disease deeply. One of the major things I learned is that every illness brings you a chance to deepen and clarify your journey towards yourself and so to freedom. (¨the longest journey is the journey from the head to the heart¨ is a saying that I fully subscribe ). The most important thing for me in healing is to befriend your illness and go way back into your history to get to the core of the origin of your patterns that have blocked your natural flow of life force energy. And blocking your energy flow can lead to illnesses.

I live in Spain with my partner and I enjoy life while growing towards retirement. I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren who all enrich my life in a deep joyful way. Mainly because of the way I look at life, at situations and at people I feel deeply grateful for my life.

I work from a holistic viewpoint so my view is that you have to grow in awareness on all levels of consciousness to really heal yourself and reach your own freedom and enjoyment of the mystery of life on this planet. So the spiritual awakening of the client/coach plays an active role in a certain stage of the healing process. I work in a psychodynamic way using techniques like breathing awareness and working with the senses, mindfulness, meditation, bodywork and art forms like drawing and sculpting, The Work of Byron Katie, nonviolent communication, family constellations, working with re-scripting and Gestalt techniques and spiritual awareness.

Aspects of all of these tools we brought into the 2 year GP Coach Training.

I give workshops in self-development and how to manage your energy problems in multiple practical ways too like light therapy, diet, building up ´process healing movement´, learning about circadian rhythm and hormeses etc. I love to create for clients the opportunity to go really deep into their consciousness to reconnect to their true selves. We all know that often means a lot of pain to get there. But that is the journey to your own heart before you can identify with freedom!

I love my work, my journey, my life and accept all it brings to me!! And an important part is my dedication to the Gupta Program Coach Training!


Frances Goodall

Frances as a Gupta Coach (since 2008) operates from Sheffield, UK and offers coaching online for all by Zoom, and group coaching for women. She is a practitioner of Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Life Coaching, Bodywork, Family Constellations and Internal Family Systems. She specialises in coaching people on aspects of the Gupta Program with all limbic systems related chronic health issues, on working with people who have experienced trauma prior to illness developing using tools from Gupta Amygdala Retraining, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) to assist release, and also on relationship and sexuality issues having more recently trained as a coach in this field with Layla Martin. Frances had ME/CFS herself for 5 years from 2002-2007, and has enjoyed many years of full recovery including developing a full health coaching practice supporting others to recovery, developing Gupta Program Training, undergoing intensive training in many coaching and therapeutic modalities, running three half marathons, writing a book and since July 2013 becoming a mum. She is passionate about supporting you on your journey to more health, joy and pleasure in life.