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Kevin’s Long Haul Covid Success Story

Things continued to get better and my fitness and strength were starting to come back. I kept the meditation, stops and Hour of Power going as I started doing more. In the middle of Feb, I had a little dip but I now had the tools to deal with it and after a couple of days was back on my bike. Since then I have gone from strength to strength and am now cycling over 100 miles a week and training hard for a half marathon at the end of May.

Margaret’s Success Story

After a lifetime of battling on against life’s challenges, of all varieties, I conked out aged 53, having to stop work, diagnosed with M.E./CFS and told I would never recover or be able to work again. 10 years later in January 2010, I found the Gupta Program. By this time I had also been diagnosed …

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Grace’s Success Story

Most powerful techniques ever~ Ashok is a genius, this program works. I have tried many types of programs over the last 30 years and find Gupta Program to be the most comprehensive and powerful techniques I have ever used. Do not wait sign up now to see what it will do for you – Grace


Finding Joy In The Most Difficult Of Times

Hello my fellow Gupta re-trainers. I am so sorry for my long absence from our group. My life was highjacked by events and I was away from home for four months dealing with family issues. Some of these issues were highly stressful (taking over financial responsibility for my 100-year-old mom and finding a way to …

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peter's story

Peter’s ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Story

My name’s Peter. I’m 70 years old. I had chronic fatigue syndrome for about 30 years, which means I’ve had fibromyalgia, which has severely restricted my physical activity and the tiredness, which means that I have had a very limited social life for most of that time. I have been trying the Gupta Program for …

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James’s CFS, Insomnia & Anxiety Story

Hello. My name is James, I come from Holland. I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. My main problems were insomnia, I wasn’t sleeping at all. I had very deep, very intense anxiety and I had depression as well. I tried lots of things, acupuncture, I was on medication for a while and nothing was …

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