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Words of Wisdom

A thought is just a thought until we project it out into the world through our spoken words or actions.  While thoughts play a critical role in our lives, it’s when they’re amplified that they take on more meaning and significance. Fortunately, I became aware of this through my own communications.  I was explaining why …

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Dips and How I Was Afterwards

Some people have found that a dip often means a noticeable improvement follows. This must be a great feeling and may even make it easier to float through the dip. However, some of us don’t have the same experience… My dippy times came and went while I was ill. But I never noticed any specific …

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Dealing With Loss (Practical Tips Which Work For Me)

During the past few years, I have been dealing with the loss of what has felt like a lot of dear friends and relations. Yet this hasn’t overwhelmed me. Am I cold-hearted? Not at all, but I have learnt to accept whatever happens and allow my grief to take its course. Allowing the tears, and …

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